Welcome! If we were to sit down and chat over coffee, I’d probably ask you where you last visited, what you’re training for, or if you’ve come up with any recipes I should try out. I’m a sucker for a good adventure, a dose of adrenaline and any chance to toe a starting line and chase the finish.  I love having the opportunity to help people who are interested in pursuing their goals, stepping out of their comfort zone, and seeking “awe”. We find our potential when we’re pushed beyond what we once thought were limits. Instead, we learn these limits are only small barriers that test our fears and our faith.

I’m a registered dietitian (RD) writing at Spright.com. I’m also a marathoner, yoga student and teacher, and a coach. My philosophies are rooted in simplicity and moderation, and the belief that we’re all built differently and will succeed in improving health by doing different things. Here in this space you’ll find more about my work, my adventures and everything in between. Feel free to contact me!


Heather (Calcote) Caplan, RD