Heather Caplan, RDN

I’m a registered dietitian nutritionist and writer. I own a private practice for nutrition and run coaching in the Washington DC area, but work with clients all over.

I am an anti-diet dietitian, meaning I strongly believe diets do not work. I take a weight-neutral approach to health. I believe in, and teach, the principles of Intuitive Eating.

My clients are primarily active women, some of whom have or had experiences with disordered eating, hypothalamic amenorrhea, or the Female Athlete Triad. We work together to improve their relationship to food, body image, and overall health.


I host the RD Real Talk podcast and write here on the RD Real Talk blog. Every week I send out a newsletter with show notes and resources, suggested reads (often related to intuitive eating, sports nutrition, and disordered eating recovery), off the air tidbits, and personal updates.


My work has been featured in various national publications such as The Washington Post, Runner’s World, FITNESS magazine, EatingWell, Women’s Running, and Outside Online.  

You’ll find more of my running and life stories on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Or, you can listen to my weekly talks with fellow dietitians around the country on my RD Real Talk podcast.

Questions? Send me a note! I love to hear from you.