Real Entrepreneur Talk: Day in the Private Practice Life, Quarter One

I’m still not confident in filing my quarterly taxes, but it will happen soon because it has to. In other news: It has been three whole months since I kicked off this private practice! Whoa.

I come to the same coffee shop every day. I’m finally learning names of the people who pour me an iced coffee every morning (no room for cream). I get here around the same time, which has conditioned the pup to collapse onto the rug and tell me it’s NAP TIME every morning around 7:50 AM. I see some of the same people at JAVA Shack. The guy who is also here every day. The couple that has a coffee date on Fridays. The elderly beagles that wait outside without needing a leash. The greyhound that comes in with her sweater on and just wants your hand to lick. The manager who often shares a table with me and introduced herself two weeks ago, “Hi, I’m Aytch.”

Java Shack Coffee Sign

While here, I might do some of following things:

I go home around noon, take Banana for a walk or to the dog park (LOVE), and then eat lunch while I listen to a podcast and look for articles to discuss on my podcast. Or, I meet someone for lunch to keep my weekday social skills intact.

The three to four hours morning hours are easily my most productive of the day. I function well in the morning. I try hard to preserve these hours for myself, because by mid-afternoon I’m almost useless. That’s prime time for me to talk to people, work with clients, schedule calls for Lane 9 essay reviews, or throw a tennis ball for Banana in our living room.

I’m back at it and ready to go again at night. On any given evening I’m at TRUE to see clients IRL, at puppy school learning how to dog-parent, meeting with Sam and Alexis to talk all things Lane 9, having a virtual happy hour with Molly, or climbing up and down a wall. But sometimes we just plop down on the couch, hold a chew stick for a spoiled pup, and catch up on GIRLS, Big Little Lies, and Last Week Tonight. (Soon we’ll add Veep and Silicon Valley to that lineup!)

The most important thing I’ve learned is that I can hold myself accountable.

I was convinced accountability would be my biggest challenge as an entrepreneur. But if I don’t do the work, no work is done! Which translates to a long boring day of getting lost on social media and no income.

The most surprising thing I’ve learned is how important (and necessary and fun) it is to be around people.

I’m an introvert, sure, but that doesn’t mean I want to be holed up in our condo all day. I do my work at JAVA to be around people. I see clients at TRUE because it’s invaluable to get that face time with clients. I have lunch with friends and fellow private practice RDs because it’s fun to see each other, or talk shop. I wanted my podcast to be conversational because I do enough talking to myself all day.

The most essential part of my business is you.

I learn from my running and nutrition clients every day. This work gives me insight into the consumer mindset. It forces me to get creative with solutions for the individual, not to provide answers to a problem. It tells me where we, dietitians, can focus our efforts as nutrition communicators. It provides me with ideas for mindful eating meditations during my yoga classes. There are days when I don’t have the answers, so it inspires me to do the research. There are days when the answers aren’t right for you, so it reminds me to be flexible and to listen.

I have all the room for improvement.

This week, I had a short business coaching call with Kait Fortunato, of the Rebel Dietitians team. In a mere twenty minutes she completely reframed the way I think about my marketing and networking. File this under the MANY things I should have done three months ago. But I did it now, and now is fine too.

If you had advice for the early stage of LLC business running, have questions about the private practice life, or also work from home in this area and want to hang out sometime, let me know!


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    Thanks for the shout out ! Nice talking to you 🙂

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