Real Life in Dog Lessons: Walk it Out

I got really impatient with Banana on her short walk this morning. She was distracted by ALL the things, because at 8 am there are a lot of things happening in our neighborhood. School buses are driving by, people are walking their dogs for the same reason, squirrels are being squirrels, and she’s deciding where her attention should be turned but isn’t too picky. I’m cold. I’m ready for my routine coffee shop outing. I’m baffled by how often she forgets that the harness and leash are attached to her. I would like to be done, but she has other plans.

She won’t pee before we go back inside. I’ve convinced myself she MUST but have not communicated that to her, because I can’t. So we both get a little frustrated because I’m repeatedly saying (in that very peppy, high-pitched voice) “Go potty!” and she’s repeatedly running in loops around me. This is only fun for one of us. 

Dogs will reveal the things you need to work on the most. In this case: be patient and pay attention.

If she had to, she would pee. If she had fully grasped the concept of the leash, she would walk right next to me. If she didn’t want to be BEST FRANDS with every human and pup that passed us on the sidewalk, she wouldn’t try so hard. If she hated walking and hated being on her harness (and leash), she would find a way to tell me that.

If I were a little more efficient with my time and realistic with my expectations, I wouldn’t start a morning walk with a puppy and expect it to go perfectly. If I were more efficient, thoughtful, prepared, and realistic with my personal expectations, these early entrepreneurial days would be a little less stressful and a little more productive. 

We’ll get there. In the meantime, we’ll take it slow and walk it out.

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