One of these things, or all of them

One of the first emails I sent today was delivered to the inboxes of more than 200 dietitians, with two goals: admit that I totally 100 percent slacked off on this project, and reconnect with everyone. It felt good to own it, and then move up and on.

One of the first things I thought about as the reality of unemployment set in is how much I tell myself I rely on external accountability. Deadlines, project managers, editors, paying clients—they all serve as a do-the-damn-thing force, one that I thought I needed to do pretty much anything. Sometimes I had that accountability, and still didn’t complete the task. But now, without a boss or a team, who’s going to hold me accountable? Me. That’s all.

One of the first things a yoga teacher prompts you to do is set an intention. One of the last things they’ll ask you to do is check in with that. Yesterday, during my first yoga class in MONTHS, I laid in the fetal position and realized I forget to set an intention. Our teacher said, “See how that intention feels now. Take it with you, or leave it here on the mat.” I decided to leave that lack-of-intention feeling on the mat. No more of that.

One of the best things about this trip to San Francisco is that I get to reconnect. I’ll see good friends, now-former coworkers who will always be part of a very special team in my mind, I’ll be back in “my” neighborhood. I made plans. I have INTENTIONS, y’all.

One of the best things about writing this specific newsletter is meeting new and old readers who felt compelled to “reply.” Mission: beginning to be accomplished.

One day next week I’ll convince Molly to get the podcast going again. Virtual happy hours are good for the soul.

A least one of you has something interesting going on, too. Do tell!

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