This is me, focusing

I’ll start by admitting that I’ve been staring at a blank “New Post” page for over an hour. Throughout that hour, I’ve been jumping around to other tasks and avoiding this blank page. I want to write about a focus, yet was not sure what exactly to focus on for this post. OH, THE IRONY.

The first section of my newsletter this week was about focusing, and how Sunday afternoon’s yoga teacher got right to the core of my current insecurity. That would be this: what should I focus on? Answering that question is anything but easy; not answering that question isn’t an option. Because without a focus, every single decision requires way too much thought. Without a focus, prioritizing tasks is nearly impossible. Without a focus, I’ll start a business without an identified direction. Those businesses don’t do very well.

Even if the goal isn’t to start a business, how often does your mind wander around trying to think of how to use your time? My answer: ALL the damn time. I think about everything from whether or not we should buy a house in Arlington to where I should take Banana on a walk in an hour. These are big life choices.

“Jack of all trades, master of none.”

Who said that? I have no idea, but recently I’ve said it in my head way too often.

I want to coach runners, work with nutrition clients, write as much as possible, follow Michelle Obama and work on whatever she’s working on in any capacity, do some corporate wellness contract work, help dietitians with their landing pages and email campaigns to increase conversion rates, lead online training groups,  keep the dietitian Slack alive, and play with my puppy.

I want to be a business owner, but I also like working with and for certain people/missions. Maybe I can do both?

Is that too much to ask?!
YES. Yes it probably is. At least for now.

Focus. On one thing for now, and one thing only.

I know it will help me make decisions. It will help me prioritize my everyday tasks, have more of a routine/schedule, and take some steps forward instead of eighty steps in as many directions. So the first step is prioritizing what I will focus on for the early stages of business development, and going from there.

Oh, and also I’m going to yoga more often. CLEARLY, that helps.

What are you focused on? Is this a challenge for you, too? 

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