Real Life (update): The Transition Weeks

This time I landed back in San Francisco on Tuesday afternoon and headed straight to Golden Gate park for a photoshoot with the Spright babies and team. The three kiddos ranged from seven to eighteen months old, I hadn’t met any of them in person yet, and it was a gorgeous sunny day in the city. One reality of a startup is that you may take three team photos in a year and they all have different people, with the same core. This time last year? None of us would have expected to either be in the pic or be surrounded by kiddos for work. (I mean, this time last week one of those team members hadn’t started yet and I was across the country in DC.)

I’m transitioning to spend most of the summer in DC, with a few trips back to my SF digs because I can’t resist a little in-office face time (and wine, and maybe some baseball) with this crew and also because it’s important to me to get that time…because we have this!

Real talk on real life: these transition weeks, going to/from, feel a little daunting as they get close. I don’t want to leave DC, or I don’t want to work remotely (FT), I don’t want to be away from my partner or my work fam. I really didn’t want to leave this pupper because she’s seems to be doubling in size every three days, then I really didn’t want to leave this kitchen set up because it was a long time comin’ and, whoa.

Georgetown waterfront spring

Life in limbo has presented some expected and many unexpected highs and lows. I can honestly say it’s mostly great, and I realize how lucky I am to have roots in two cities that I’m totally crushing on.

This is what I know, now: Normal means something different to all of us. Home is a feeling, not a place. Your people are everything, and deserve every ounce of energy you put into the relationship. Launching an app is a fascinating roller coaster. All of the Virgin America song lyrics. Every Lemonade song*. Where to find the best food in SFO. (Not a real secret, but if you’re in Terminal 1, your fate is not decided. Follow signs to the yoga room and you’ll soon find better options!) How to run exactly the best four to six miles from two residences on two coasts. And last, but most importantly: how crucial it is to check in with yourself, and make sure what you’re doing is true to you, because if it is, everything else will come together.

(*Which also happened to be (part of) the subject of today’s Real Talk newsletter email.) Best foot forward. Just in case. Transition in style. Do you.

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