Heather Caplan, RD

Heather Caplan registered dietitian

I work as a registered dietitian and freelance writer in the Washington DC area. I’m also a certified running coach and have completed yoga teacher training. Unrelated, but also true: I have a pup named Banana, have been known to commute from coast-to-coast, and drink iced coffee all year.

My clients are primarily active women and female athletes (of all ages) who have (or had) disordered eating patterns, orthorexia, or changes to their menstrual cycle due to stress, nutrition, and exercise. I’ve had similar experiences—which I’m open about—so I’m passionate about helping restore health through nutrition, mindfulness, and fitness.

I started my private practice in January 2017, a process I’ve shared on my blog to help fellow budding entrepreneurs navigate the early waters. (TBH, they’re not always smooth!) In February, I founded a nonprofit called the Lane 9 Project with Alexis Fairbanks and Samantha Strong. Lane 9 is a community for female runners who have or had an eating disorder, with a mission to raise awareness of the Female Athlete Triad. 


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I’ve had a few jobs in nutrition.

From 2015 to 2016, I worked as the Head of Nutrition and Coaching for tech startup in San Francisco (Spright, Inc.), where I designed and led online group health classes. I believe we are all stronger together, gain more confidence by having a community supporting us, and benefit from relationships with both a coach and our peers. Prior to that, I had a career in wellness coaching and program management with Wellness Corporate Solutions; did social marketing with Small Planet Foods, and was a public health dietitian for Fairfax County’s WIC program.

I’ve always had my words.

Writing has been the only constant in my work and life experiences. My skills felt much more developed after my experience with Spright (and our amazing editors), so I finally took the leap to start some freelancing this year.

You’ll find my words here on the Real Talk blog and RD Real Talk newsletter, on Medium, Runner’s WorldLOLA’s The Broadcast, and a variety of other health sites. I’ve been quoted in The Washington Post, Runner’s World, Outside Online, and FITNESS magazine. If you’re really curious, your internet searches might lead you to some writing I did as a senior in college at Penn State, through my dietetic internship at the University of Maryland-College Park, or the one time I tested out Tumblr.

Heather Caplan running

I like many things that have nothing to do with nutrition.

I take any and every opportunity to travel. I prefer to explore by running, hiking, backpacking, sky-diving, or walking everywhere. I left the country to run a half marathon in Israel two days after I got married (sans new husband), have lived in nine states, visited four continents, and been lost more times than I care to count.  I’ve learned my favorite life lessons through running, yoga, friendships with like-minded people, and Sunday brunches with mimosas.

Disclaimer: the content on this site is not meant to replace personal nutrition or medical advice. Please consult a registered dietitian

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