Heather Caplan – Washington DC Running Coach

I live and run around the Washington DC area, but work with clients in any state! As your personal run coach, I work with you to improve endurance, strength, and overall fitness. I have my training philosophies and preferences, but am open-minded to what works best for you. We put those two together to create a plan that will help you cross any finish line.

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When should you hire a run coach?

A good time to hire a run coach is when you are…

  • working towards a specific training goal (e.g. first marathon, 10K PR, etc.).
  • feeling stuck with your current fitness routine.
  • wanting to learn more about the sport.
  • looking for a challenge and willing to let someone else take the reigns.
  • ready to try something new!

I take on individual run clients anytime, and also host seasonal training groups. Fill out this form if you’re interested in working together, and we can go from there!

Questions to ask before you hire a run coach:

  1. If someone is telling you want to do, how do you typically respond? There are varying personality tendencies and yours will have a significant impact on the style of coaching you need. Talk to potential coaches to get a sense of how their personality jives with yours. Think about the things you respond to well, and seek a coach that can complement that.
  2. What are your specific goals? Think about your sport (running, cycling, swimming, triathlon, weight-lifting, etc.) and your specific goals. Check out a coach’s style and experience to get a sense of how you’ll be supported and what you might learn. Share your top three priorities/goals with potential coaches to get that conversation going.
  3. How much are you willing to change? Some coaches are willing to match your preferred training style, some will introduce something entirely new to you, some will meet you in the middle. Think back to #2 as you consider this question and talk to coaches.
  4. What level of interaction or involvement are you looking for? A coach won’t always be your best friend, and some coaches prefer to keep relationships very professional, some coaches provide daily feedback, some weekly or monthly. Think about your budget, your answers to each question above, and your expectations.

(Excerpt from my post for Team Amazing Day’s blog.)

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