Heather Caplan – Washington DC Running Coach

I live and run around the Washington DC area, but work with clients in any state! As your personal run coach, I work with you to improve endurance, strength, and overall fitness. I have my training philosophies and preferences, but am open-minded to what works best for you. We put those two together to create a plan that will help you cross any finish line.

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Run Coaching Options

We can work together 1:1, or, if my team roster is full or it would a better fit for your needs, there is an option to purchase a training plan for your race. This includes monthly check ins for accountability. I offer 12-16 week plans.

When should you hire a run coach?

A good time to hire a run coach is when you are…

  • working towards a specific training goal (e.g. first marathon, 10K PR, etc.).
  • feeling stuck with your current fitness routine.
  • wanting to learn more about the sport.
  • looking for a challenge and willing to let someone else take the reigns.
  • ready to try something new!

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