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The following links take you to freelance writing and side-hustle projects I’ve completed since starting my private practice. Every week I’m writing regularly on my blog, for my weekly RD Real Talk podcast newsletter, and now for running, nutrition, and lifestyle publications. My goal is to spread the word about Intuitive Eating, running for enjoyment, and women’s health.

Lane 9 Project
I co-founded the Lane 9 Project with Samantha Strong and Alexis Fairbanks. We share stories of women’s health, fertility, disordered eating, and running. 

Introducing the Lane 9 Project
Running Through Amenorrhea: Heather’s Story
Welcome to the Ninth Lane
Why I (Still) Run in Lane 9
This is What Recovery Looks Like (For Us)
Running to Recover (From Disordered Eating): Heather’s Story
9 Miles With: Tina Muir
Do you have an eating disorder?
How a Period is Lost: Amenorrhea and its (various) causes
REST for Rest’s Sake


Runners Connect

How to Find the Best Runner Diet for You and Your Training (11/2016)
Why the 90/10 Plan is the Most Realistic for Runners (1/2017)
Mindful Eating for Runners—A Common Sense Approach (6/2017)
What to Eat Before Running—Learn the Secret (7/2017)
Orthorexia—When Healthy Eating Efforts Go Too Far (8/2017)

Runner’s World

8 Higher-Calorie Fast Food Meals You Should Order (3/1/2017)
Eat Like an Elite: Morgan Sjogren (7/10/2017)


Ignore These Food Rules and Run Better (8/22/2017)
How to Replace Electrolytes With Real Food (8/25/2017)
Are you Overtraining or Underfueling? (8/28/2017)

Guest post on Bumps to Baby

Running and Fertility: Wise Words from Heather Caplan, RDN

Nutrition and Health


How to Eat Healthy Through Wedding Season and Still Enjoy the Party  (6/2017)

LOLA’s The Broadcast

How your weight may be affecting your menstrual cycle (2/1/2017)


Austin Startups 

Don’t put yourself on mute (12/8/2016)
“…but I’ll be online later.” (11/20/2016)

Thrive Global

You Don’t Need to Challenge Your Food (12/31/2016)

Spright Life 

How we used Slack to test classes and challenges at Spright (7/5/2016)