Real Entrepreneur Life: Things (Seem Like They) Happen Fast

I wrote a business plan two months ago, but only a fraction of it seems relevant now. The point of writing this plan was to focus in on the work I wanted to prioritize, and write out why I was prioritizing it (philosophies, goals, etc.). Then a slew of other work happened, only some of which is related to that plan. 

Now: I’m recording a second weekly podcast, launching two workshops at a gym, seeing clients and teaching yoga at said gym, coaching runners, and starting a nonprofit with two friends.

I could write a whole new business plan.

There’s a lot happening (fast), but that’s not to say it’s “enough” or that I’ve replaced the salary I was making at my full-time job (not even close). And it’s not to say that it happened fast because I got lucky, or that these things fell in my lap. So, let’s back it up and be real: (business) appearances can be deceiving, and I’m not about that.

Here’s how each of these things came to be: 

RD Real Talk Podcast

RD real talk podcastWell okay, this podcast did happen kind of fast—an idea one day, a recording by the end of the week— but that’s because I’ve been podcasting for a while. I chat with my good friend Molly (Spright co-founder) almost every week. We’ve been recording it for over a year (with some time off here and there). We produce it on our own, which isn’t as complicated as it might seem. In other words, I had the equipment and know-how, and decided to tack on another podcast to the process. Now, every week I talk to some registered dietitians about nutrition news and real talk. It’s called the RD Real Talk Podcast.

Lane 9 Project

This project started coming together in November, so it has been months in the making. But, without my history of disordered eating and amenorrhea, it wouldn’t exist. So, it has been years in the making. I got lucky enough to meet Samantha and Alexis through a random series of events. We got to talking about our similar health experiences, which led to us wanting to do something about it. Coaches, physicians, mentors, and parents have a lack of knowledge about the prevalence and risks of the female athlete triad.

Ladies running together

After several meetings together and a LOT of brainstorming, we named it “Lane 9” and decided to launch during National Eating Disorder Awareness week.

Now, we’re figuring it out as we go! We’re setting up a 501c3, with little-to-no knowledge of how to do so. We’re writing a weekly newsletter. We’re sharing stories. We’re running together (and with you). And all three of us are keeping the social media channels, new inbox, and Medium publication alive. It’s the best kind of work.

True Health & Wholeness: Nutrition and Yoga

Random tip for RDs in business: don’t dismiss Craigslist. I have found two of my full-time jobs by searching Craigslist, not to mention every place I lived in DC for seven years. When I started my business, I started searching Craigslist every few weeks for nutrition “gigs” or jobs. I came across a gym in Arlington, True Health and Wholeness, when they were looking for a nutritionist. I replied and said “Hi, I’m a dietitian and here’s why that’s different…” and they said “Cool, we’re interested!”

I see Nutrition clients there every week, start teaching yoga soon (Thursday mornings), and launch two group classes next week. I first met the True crew at the end of January; less than one month later I was doing a “Meet the Dietitian” event and booking clients. Both the yoga and nutrition coaching are open to anyone, so if you want to book a session or come join us for a flow, come on in!

That covers the big stuff.

It feels really good to have this work happening. It’s not exactly what I had planned, but there are some common threads (media, running, women, and group coaching). None of it could be chalked up to pure coincidence; I put my interests out there and I talk to peers and friends about what I’m doing. I’ve pitched to companies, editors, and people who are interested in similar things.

So, the moral of today’s business story: do what interests you, tell people about it, and put the work in. I’m a business beginner, but I’m not letting that stop me from making a business (and nonprofit) happen.


  1. Kat
    March 13, 2017

    So proud of all your work, Heather and can’t WAIT to see how it all unfolds 🙂

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