Real Talk Roundup: The post-diet era

It’s been almost one year since I took down a proverbial fourth wall, to stop trying to cater to some internet nutrition information code and instead being really straight with you. Real talk. Since then, we’ve had a few good real talks about my personal eating disorder, what/how I eat, all the running things (from carb loading to marathoning), and how a small puppy might tell you to chill the fuck out.

And I also started finding some great real talk around the web. I started the roundup, because I believe in supporting fellow writers and because a lot of times these writers say it better than I could (or would think to). These are posts that teach me something, help me see a new perspective, challenge my philosophy, and/or make me go “Damn, I wish I had thought of that.” Anytime any one of those things happen, I want to give the writer a hug. This is my virtual, non-invasive, hug.

This week, for our first round up of 2017, I almost feel like it’s safe to say we’re in the Post-Diet Era. While I have seen many “XY Food Challenge!” promotions, and decided to voice my thoughts on that approach, I’ve seen more anti-diet posts and tips from dietitians and health writers alike. It’s refreshing (AF).


This week, a huge high-five to these dietitians for not giving readers “the secret!” or “one simple tip!” to be healthier, for being part of the conversation that will usher us into the Post-Diet Era at full speed.

Anne Mauney: Adding, Not Subtracting, For a Healthier New Year

Less talk about elimination, more about foods to add to your plate.

Emily Fonnesbeck: Intuitive Eating Clarifications (Spoiler: IE isn’t about weight loss and is about respect)

Intuitive eating is not a diet, it’s learning a new way to think about how you eat.

Carlene Thomas: Savory Potato Roll Bread Pudding

This is a recipe post and has nothing to do with dieting or not, but I love that she called this out: “No, this is not whole grain. No, this is not skim milk.” And made her point clear: “…today the focus is potato rolls and a very satisfying (seriously fat= satiety) whole milk cream.” Eat, enjoy, and marvel at the food photography (if that’s your thing).

Carrie Dennett: 5 habits worth cultivating in 2017, according to a dietitian

These may not be ground-breaking tips, but she ends with the advice to “Let go of rigid rules” and this is in a national publication. The Washington Post could have asked for the clickbait habits, but she wrote the more logical ones instead.

Rebecca Scritchfield: Why I Won’t Be Dieting in 2017 (Or Ever)

Both in real life and on paper (or screen), Rebecca is always a real talker. She also recently published a book titled Body Kindness, which sums up her philosophy on nutrition and health.

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And finally, a big kudos to Kylie Mitchell (of Imma Eat That) and her “How to Eat” course that follows her “I would have needed this” real talk. She’s not handing out diet advice, she’s saying “I know how you feel and I want to help.” All hail.

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