Real Talk Roundup

I spent the morning listening to Gretchen and her sis, Elizabeth, chat about scheduling time to worry, which made me realize I don’t worry about much. I haven’t “unpacked” what that means about me, if anything? Not worried about it. But then I thought about how scheduling time to do other things is, in fact, a thing that I do. I put tasks on the calendar as a “meeting,” which doesn’t guarantee I do it but at least I look at it and think, “I should do that…” And this isn’t just work stuff, and I know that there are also reminders I could set on my phone, or apps and websites that track to-do lists, but calendars! Simple. That’s what semi-works for me. Et tu?

In more exciting news, here are the week’s real talk gems for a good read: 

What happens when you stop exercising for one month? Davida, damn girl, all of this. But especially the key take-away: “In fact I feel a lot more comfortable in my body than I did before this experiment.” Also, not feeling like a whale or sloth seems like a pretty big win.

Learning more about being me: Steph, a fellow dietitian, and I apparently have a common love for Gretchen’s habit-chat. I’m a sucker for a good dose of self-reflection, like this read.

Food, dieting, and feminism: Rachael, this isn’t an easy thing to write about or even really to fully understand because seriously WTF? How did we get to a point where things like this — “did you know that women who weigh more earn 6% less than thinner women?” — are true? Thanks for keeping important conversations front n’ center, and for outlining a dream scenario of handing out that card and actually voicing these concerns that are closer to reality now than they were before.

And for a good head-nod…

50 Life lessons learned from running: “#23. Some days you pee your pants. It could be worse.”

Dorothy and I had a real realtalk exchange after I shared my favorite from this list, but seriously you guys, shit could be worse. (100% would be.) Spend your Friday afternoon reading this — runner, cyclist, adventurer, or whatever might be your adrenaline of choice — and you’ll just be like YES.

Last, but not least, yep, THIS is a thing. It’s kind of glorious. 

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