What This Dietitian Eats: Sometimes, it’s cinnamon cereal

I’ve been having Puffin’s Cinnamon cereal for breakfast almost every weekday for the past two months. This is not an ad for Puffins, it’s just a confession. Until recently, I was not a fan of having cereal for breakfast. Now, I try to not buy it every couple of weeks, survive on other options, and then go right back to it. It’s just so simple. Easy. It cleans up nicely. I’m in.

puffins cereal bowl

Cereal is not the only thing I eat for breakfast.

(But I’m not here to judge if that’s your jam.) Cereal is part of my breakfast. I grab a banana, the peanut butter jar, a bowl of cereal, a spoon, and a glass of water. Sometimes, to really add some variety, I top my bowl of cereal with a sprinkling of chopped nuts. I say “sprinkling” because I don’t measure these things. See also: the peanut butter jar.

I avoided breakfast cereal for years, because I always wanted to refill the bowl (more than once). Maybe I ate too fast, maybe it was the type of cereal I ate, maybe it wasn’t enough food for me at the time—whatever the reason, it didn’t fully satisfy me. I would finish my bowl and then feel kind of sad, because I was still hungry. I don’t want to feel sad after breakfast.

For a long (long, long) time, I had oatmeal for breakfast. I gradually added substance to my oatmeal bowl, adding nut butter, banana, a milk alternative, or even an egg. Then I broke up with that habit because it had more to do with controlling calories than anything. When we moved to Monterey, we had breakfast together every morning (which was very lovely), and started making egg scrambles. It was very routine. The only variable we changed was the vegetable(s) added.

When I worked at Spright, sometimes we had eggs, sometimes we had granola, sometimes I stopped on the way in for a burrito. Hello, variety! That was a crazy (good) time.

Now, two months into running a new business, I’m on team cereal.

Just as relevant: I’m three months into being a puppy parent. My morning routine is different now. Every day is different now. I don’t want to put a lot of thought into making breakfast. It’s that simple. I don’t think it drains my creative energy or prevents me from working well, I’m just being a little bit lazy in this one area of life. I’m OK with that.

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Do you get into breakfast routines?
Team cereal, or no?

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