Real Talk Roundup: The Other News

I’m constantly swinging between trying to avoid Twitter (for at least an hour), trying to soak up the day’s news while also staying sane, and trying to stay focused on my business. I know that no one comes here to read political rants. I know that nutrition, running, and health still have a place in this world. I know that we all have to do our creative things, maybe now more than ever. I appreciate taking a break from politics and reading about someone else’s day, recipe, run, or travels. And hey, if Obama can take a break for windsurfing, we can all take daily breaks for doing our things.

Last month, I had a phone call with one of my Spring Training participants to talk about accountability, scheduling, and running. (Hi, MW!) We realized her parents now live about an hour from where I grew up—it was that kind of call. We lightly broached politics, because she was going to be in DC for the inauguration weekend. She gave me advice I didn’t realize I needed:  Keep doing nutrition, running, and health things, because people still want that.

I still spend most of my day reading, writing, talking or thinking about nutrition or running. My clients are still here. My running groups are still putting in the miles. My brain is still creating. My multiple window tabs are still open, and are not entirely political.

So in this week’s roundup, we look at The Other News. The other interesting, noteworthy things happening in this world, related to health, fitness, or sport.

From, or about, other women:

How Black Books Lit My Way Along the Appalachian Trail
by Rahawa Haile for Buzzfeed
I love that she took on the daunting challenge of hiking the Appalachian Trail, and took it on solo! I love that she didn’t care how much her books weighed, because why not bear the weight of what matters most to you? I love that she calls attention to how homogenous some hobbies are, especially in the US. I love that she left books in hiking shelters along the way, starting a trail of her own.

#RunLove And Redefining What Strength Looks Like
by Kelly Roberts for Oiselle
Kelly started the #SportsBraSquad in an attempt to shed her own insecurities and help other women do the same. This article backs it up, to explain how she was “just desperate enough” to start running.

A Girl and Her Donkey
by Christopher McDougal for NYT Well
OK, this is authored by a dude but it’s about a teenage girl who’s rocking the burro racing world. I didn’t know that world existed, let alone in the Rocky Mountains. All hail, Lynzi. DO YOUR THING, girl.

Amid Travel Ban Debate, Chefs and Food Brands Take a Stand on Immigration
by Allison Aubrey for NPR’s The Salt
While Trump can do nothing but send meaningless ANGRY TWEETS, these cafes and restaurant employees give activism a new taste.

Dark Chocolate Cherry Scones
by Mary on The Kitchen Paper
She expressed a similar sentiment, and then gave us all a delicious treat. Thank you, Mary.

Back from Sabbatical
by Lauren Fleshman on
She took one month off, after nearly a lifetime of being ON, learning, and succeeding beyond expectations. Maybe one month off isn’t possible for all of us, but reading this and soaking it in will do for now.

From me:

Me Too (#12) – I sort of have an idea.
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As of this week (applicable to current subscribers, of course): All newsletter subscribers get 15% off any of my coaching services. Or you can just read, nod along, and move on. Join the inbox party!

How Your Weight May Be Affecting Your Menstrual Cycle
I’ve been an avid LOLA subscriber for over a year. I LOVE not having to buy tampons at Target, and I love supporting the two women who started this business. I also love that they don’t allow euphemisms for period, menstrual cycle, or menstruation in their writing.

Why the 90/10 Diet Plan Is The Most Realistic For Runners
I’ve been contributing a few nutrition pieces to Runner’s Connect, and this is the latest.

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What great reads did you find this week? Add a link in the comments!


  1. February 10, 2017

    Thanks for the link and the great advice, Heather! It’s true: people do still want the (in my case) food, recipes, inspiration, etc. I imagine my posts will be peppered with politics for the near future, but thanks for the push to keep on keepin’ on! xoxo

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