Registered Dietitian Day: The Non-traditional Career Path

I became a registered dietitian (RD) in November of 2009 – much like any stressful, my-career-depends-on-this exam, I will probably never forget that day, date or pure sweet relief when the screen flashed my passing score.

Three years later I look at my Resume with a tilted-head – while I can’t imagine having done things any other way, it only makes sense to me.

I lived here, I did one thing, I jumped to that and lived there and then came back and now I do this!

And I love it.


I’ve recently had the opportunity to present to the Dietetic Internships in this area (DC/MD/VA) about my “career journey” and how I got from point A to point D. I always come back to this online space, the opportunities it has provided me and the people I’ve met. Strategically putting yourself out here on the web goes a long way!

My goal is always to shed light on the other careers out here and available for nutrition and wellness enthusiasts!

Two years ago I wrote The Road to RD, recapping the path from college-grad to dietitian and what that map looked like for me. It’s still one of the most viewed pages on this site, and answers some of the most common questions I get from students and prospective career-changers.

The career posts have evolved from there. If you’re interested in what a non-traditional dietitian world looks like, I hope this helps:

A Dietitian in Marketing (Small Planet Foods)
A Day in the Life: Corporate Wellness Event-Planning (WCS)
Healthy Office Culture: Let’s Chat! #fitatwork
A Day in the Life: Biometric Screenings / Health Education (WCS)


Any requests for future spotlights on what my days look like?

Interested in what wellness would look like for your company? We’d be happy to help! ( )


If you have other questions about becoming an RD, or getting your foot in the health/fitness/wellness door, ask away!

It’s an evolving field that has come a long way even in the three short years that I’ve been a part of it. We have a long way to go with a lot of issues, and believe me we’re working hard to get there! The great thing is that there is always more to learn, know and understand about food. The research is going in every direction you can think of; new career fields are being created by the year. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Happy Dietitian Day, to all my fellow RDs!


  1. High five for non-traditional RD career!!! Happy RD day!

  2. March 13, 2013

    I’ve decided that in my next life an RD is what I’d be. I am so passionate about health and wellness now and just WISH I knew what my passion was back when I was in college and had a chance to shape my career in that direction. I am SO inspired by all of you that have taken the RD plunge (esp those that have taken that plunge and it hasn’t been directly out of college but a career changer/path veer). Talk about taking the plunge for something you love and are passionate about and can actually MAKE A DIFFERENCE in someone’s life, you know?? Happy RD Day my friend 🙂

  3. March 13, 2013

    I have a question for you as someone interested in possibly the RD or in general, the public health path. I’m wondering if you could talk about some of the most rewarding and/or well paid areas of nutrition and public health. While I know that this is generally not a high paying field, I’m interested to see the various sides of it as well as something that might meet in the middle of paying decently and being rewarding in the terms of seeing or affecting change.

    I’d also be curious to hear more about what you do for companies as far as do you put together wellness programs or challenges for their staff or ?

  4. March 14, 2013

    I think the hospital route is the traditional way for RDs to go, but most people in my program (Maryland) wanted to do things like nutrition counseling for weight loss or EDs or more public health type things. Seeing the role of the dietitian in the hospital, I’m not sure I’d be happy there. The one on my unit is very good and calculates all the numbers etc, but at the end of the day, it’s just about how many Repletes/Ensures we can get people to drink. Protein is super important in burns, but I can’t imagine it’s an RD’s dream to just get people to drink protein drinks…

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