But really, let’s talk

There’s more to it than a few posts published, a few emails responded to, a few people who have known you “IRL” surprised by a new thing that maybe they assumed, but you’ve never actually talked about. I thought the boxes were checked and felt fine with it, but fine shouldn’t suffice. Saying the words out loud or via this keyboard is a start. And it’s just that.

Amenorrhea was on my mind almost every day for six years. It still sits in the dark corners, waiting every month for a chance to rear its head, tighten its grip. So far, no such luck. Instead, it gets smaller and smaller every time I do something like this. Why did I think six posts would do it justice? That it could be wiped away so quickly? Why did I embrace your feedback and stories, but do nothing with either one?

Recently, Lauren Fleshman and Dr. Melody Moore talked extensively about the prevalence of eating disorders among distance runners on the podcast Running on Om (episode #213) I’m late to the listening party, but I’m so glad I showed up. This has to be a thing we talk about.

So really, let’s talk.

Are you a woman?
Do you know a woman? 

Are you a runner?
Do you engage in some sort of endurance activity?

Have you tried a diet, had high levels of stress, and/or tried to control something at the cost of your health?
(I know, that wasn’t your intent.)

Have you attached the number on a scale to your athletic performance, capabilities, self-esteem, general mood on any given day?

Lady friends: Have you experienced a change your menstrual cycle, either skipping it entirely or noticing irregularities? Has your Doc put you on birth control pills, or some other medication, to “cure” this?

— — — — — —

I want to be clear about one very important thing: if you answered yes to any of the above (that’s right, any one of ’em), you are not alone. (If you didn’t answer yes to any of them, go meet a woman. We’re pretty fucking great.)

If you answered yes, and your interest or curiosity is piqued, let’s talk. Send me an email. (coaching at heathercaplan dot com) Leave something here. Speak up. We’re in this together. Let’s see what happens when we remember that.

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