The RD Real Talk Intuitive Eating podcast series is here to help you dive into each intuitive eating principle. As you listen to learn, you’ll pick up practical tips for each stage of intuitive eating. It’s not just “eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full” — which sometimes only sounds about as easy as “Go run 20 miles!” right?

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10-episode Intuitive Eating series on the RD Real Talk podcast

Real talk: You do not need another diet. You don’t need rules in order to “eat healthy.” You don’t need a plan. You need to (re)learn how to listen to what your body says, every day.

The philosophy of intuitive eating, published by registered dietitians Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch, is about so much more than hunger and satiety. It’s about getting back to what your body knows how to do—signal what it does and doesn’t need—and learning to heed those messages. It’s about making peace with food and realizing ALL foods are allowed—nothing eliminated, nothing detoxed, and nothing “low” or “high”. It’s about finally working with your body and not against it—you don’t have to love it, but you can accept it and respect it.

Intuitive Eating Podcast Series

  1. Introduction to Intuitive Eating, with co-author Evelyn Tribole MS RD
  2. Reject the Diet Mentality (Principle #1), featuring Sumner Brooks MPH RD
  3. Honor Your Hunger (Principle #2), featuring Jennifer McGurk RD CEDRD
  4. Make Peace With Food (Principle #3), featuring Julie Duffy Dillon MS RD
  5. Challenge the Food Police (Principle #4), featuring Emily Fonnesbeck RD
  6. Respect Your Fullness (Principle #5), featuring Kim Hoban RD
  7. Discover the Satisfaction Factor (Principle #6), featuring Paige Smathers RD
  8. Honor Your Feelings Without Using Food (Principle #7), featuring Jennifer Rollin MSW LCSW
  9. Respect Your Body (Principle #8), featuring Tracy Brown RD
  10. Exercise—Feel the Difference (Principle #9), featuring Robyn Nohling NP RD
  11. Honor Your Health With Gentle Nutrition (Principle #10), featuring Lindsay Stenovec MS RD

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Tune into the first RD Real Talk podcast series, covering all ten principles of Intuitive Eating. Use the links below to follow along, get your questions answered, and work with an Intuitive Eating dietitian when you’re ready!