How Intuitive Eating Meets Fueling for Fitness

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I wish I had known what it means to eat intuitively before I started running marathons. But I didn’t. I learned those lessons after a lot of food experiments, trials, and many errors. I’ve run on both ends of the spectrum—under and over-fueled. As you may have guessed, neither bodes well for race day.

Learn how to intuitive eating and fueling for fitness go hand-in-hand by joining the Fit Fueling: Mindful Eating for Active Women course led by Kelly Jones, MS RD CSSD and myself.

As I alluded to in my newsletter last week, the 2015 Eugene Marathon was my cue to step back and figure out my fueling. It was my third marathon in eighteen months. It was a Boston Qualifying (BQ) run for me, so, sure, a lot of things went well. But as I toed the starting line I felt like I might burst. There were SO MANY carbohydrates in my system that needed an outlet. (That’s not really how it all works, but that’s what it felt like.)

The short story: I think I over-trained and under-fueled for the Marine Corps Marathon in 2014, which I ran seven months before Eugene. At MCM, I wanted a 3:30 and I did not get it. I wasn’t even close. In hindsight, I could see why. For Eugene, I overcorrected and, whoa, it was uncomfortable. The weeks and months after that marathon were spent experimenting with my own nutrition, and starting a new job and not running any more marathons. Fast-forward to Marine Corps Marathon 2016, and—sure I may have been under-trained and recovering from a Cape Town wedding weekend—my fueling was finally figured out.

Marine corps marathon Georgetown

Then, I met the core concepts of Intuitive Eating.

It completely changed the way I thought about my fuel for fitness. To eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re satisfied sounds simple enough, but it takes some practice. There is a lot more to Intuitive Eating than hunger and satisfaction, but that’s where I needed to focus. And those two concepts are a good starting point for athletes in any sport.

Running teaches us to tune into how our bodies feel in movement; it can do the same for our nutrition.

Intuitive Eating has been such a game-changer for both my fitness and my nutrition counseling practice. I wish it had been part of my formal nutrition education, and part of my marathon running training practice, from day one. I wish I had known to eat more during my MCM training, and maybe not-quite-SO-much before Eugene. Some races may have gone very differently if this tool had been in my training toolbox. (Or maybe not. Marathons are tricky like that!) Some clients I’ve worked with would have been more successful in their training and nutrition goals if I had known these core concepts before I worked with them.

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Now, I know better so I’m helping you fuel differently.

With the help of my RD-friend, Kelly Jones (a Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics), we’re bringing Intuitive Eating to fitness fueling. We’re teaching the basics of sports nutrition for women, how to notice your personal hunger cues, eat to satiety and satisfaction, and then put all of that knowledge together for your training. In other words, this is stuff I wish I had known and practiced before I ran my first marathon (instead of after running seven of them).

Register today and let us know what question(s) you want answered during the course. Meet fellow female athletes, eat your favorite things, and run strong.

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