What’s in an RD Real Talk Moment?

Last November I signed into the MailChimp account I set up when this site was designed (over a year earlier). I realized there were people subscribed to a (then) non-existent newsletter. I don’t think anyone complains about something not arriving in their inbox, but I wondered what to do with that list. What were you expecting when you subscribed? What had I failed to deliver? (Well, let’s not all answer that.)

After manually deleting the spam emails, I stared at a small group of people and wondered what to send them. No pressure! First newsletter!

That small group received what I called the “Me Too” newsletter for 15 weeks. Fifteen GIFs, personal anecdotes, and the start of (what would eventually be) the Lane 9 Project. That thing you read and think, “OMG yes girl me too” is what I was going for. It’s what led to the Lane 9 Project in the first place. It was an outlet. I loved writing it.

But, it ran its course. I am learning to recognize when that happens. I’m also realizing what it means to be overstimulated from having eight projects running at the same time. Something had to give, or evolve. The “Me Too” newsletter was a fun phase, and writing it as therapy for myself led to a lot of bigger things.

Now, I write the RD Real Talk newsletter.

This makes a lot more sense. I’m just as honest, bare, and self-deprecating (as applicable, which is often). But switching from a general “me too” moment to an outlet focused on nutrition, running, and coaching—the things I spend all day every day thinking about—helps my brain stay on track.

Subscribe to the RD Real Talk Newsletter.


This is a bi-weekly newsletter, in which you can expect any of the following:

  • Discount(s) on my coaching services (any or all of them—take your pick!)
  • Personal anecdotes about running, eating, business owning, pup parenting, or trying to put together a 300-piece puzzle that should NOT be so difficult
  • Recommendations for listening, reading, and running
  • Behind the scenes moments of the most recent RD Real Talk podcast episode
  • Answers to your questions
  • First dibs on new coaching programs and groups*

*Tomorrow’s newsletter includes something that—if I know my audience (and my own story) well—will be of interest to many of you. Hint: Kelly Jones Nutrition and I have something in the works.  Come on in!

I write this RD Real talk newsletter to connect with you, and provide ample prompts to switch that around so I can hear from you, too! My inbox is always open to your requests, anecdotes, and GIF finds. I’m also open to receiving any/all photos of your pups. Anytime.

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