Real Talk Roundup

You guys seem to like that real talk spreading around! I’m into it. I’m with you. I love reading another dietitian’s take on these hot topics, it gives me a fresh perspective and usually makes my brain pause and think a little more. Never a bad thing, making that brain think. Let’s make this a weekly thang — sound good?

I did a little digging this time because I know that most of us are up for being like “OK PAUSE, realtalkrightnow,” all the time. It’s usually a vent, an impromptu open letter-type diatribe, or a post that mixes some real life updates with the usual recipes, tips, and nutrition-heavy posts. And if there was something happening every day that prompted that kind of real talk, I’d want to sit down and chat and be like..hey…you ok?

So this week’s roundup is a mix of fresh and frozen — posts that I saw pop up and a few I found from way back when that are still just as good. To wrap things up, you’ll find something for your ears and ridiculous news. Happy Friday!

Intermittent fasting pros and cons by Abbey Sharp, RD

Abbey put in the work to bring you both sides of the research on this one. I can’t get behind IF as a sustainable weight management/manipulation solution (or a solution, at all) for anyone, but I am all for mini experiments here n’ there.  You would definitely learn something about your habits from trying any one of these IF approaches. And I’m sure at least a few of you are curious, so go go go – read on!

What this dietitian wants her friends to know about genetically modified (GM) foods by Christine Rosenbloom, RD

She’s like OK first order of business: No, your water is not GM. Oof. But, the question is a clear sign that we are NOT effectively communicating what types of foods are genetically modified (for now) in the first place. Whoops. Christine outlines some of the basics in a straight-forward way, and while I don’t see a dire need for apples that won’t brown when sliced (Science, we’ve got some bigger problems to solve dontyathink?), she’s right on with this: Ultimately,“it comes down to consumer choice.”

Which brings me to our next read…

What’s at Stake with the GMO Labeling Law by Joseph Erbentraut

In short, a “voluntary labeling” law passed through the House last summer. This would deny the states that have voted in favor of GMO labels on their products (e.g. Vermont, Maine, Connecticut). BUT! The bill has to pass the Senate before that really means anything, which seems slightly less likely (small-fist-bump-party).

P.S. If you’d like a third round of GMO-related distraction: I’m in favor of the right-to-know, regardless of whether science proves GMOs to be “safe” for consumption and/or the environment, long-term. Way back in August I posted about this hot-button issue on Spright.  

P.P.S. Let’s not forget that salmon is now in the GM club, making waves as the first fish to don a new pair of genes.

OK, whoa. Food politics aside, I bet you just want to enjoy your coffee and Friday is really more suited to the feel-good things. So, last but not least…

Listen up: “Mind Over Food,” by The Psychology of Eating Podcast 

I was surprised by how many fascinating facts about our food thoughts could be packed into a six minute monologue. Impressive, Emily Rosen!

In other not-so-breaking news: “Practical opportunities” for diet and activity “influence behaviors.” Imagine that…

If you have a topic you’d like to see covered on the Real Talk Roundup, or a delicious real talk post you think should be on this list, send it my way!

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