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As I walked to the coffee shop this morning I listened to the latest Dear Sugar podcast episode, wherein the Sugars (Steve Almond and Cheryl Strayed) discussed “Powerful Women and the Men Who Love Them,” and I thought a lot about my career field. While I wish we were louder than the noise of celebrities and web-famous self-proclaimed “nutritionists,” I’m pretty proud of how far the profession has come in the years since I donned a square-top hat and took my diploma from Penn State. Almost-gone are the days of blindly touting the government’s nutrition advice and the latest in “low calorie” (by way of cutting out natural fats, sugars, or proteins and adding back in fake ones, or just sodium) products. But the best part is that more and more dietitians are open to questioning the trends and texts we were once taught, and are more willing to speak up about it. That 3500 calorie rule? See ya! The heyday of artificial sweeteners? Adios! The cholesterol-raising egg? Fallacy!

So, while I try to keep it real with you here, there are also a lot of strong, powerful women in the RD world doing so elsewhere, as well. Welcome to your first Real Talk Roundup, with reads ranging from myth-busting to thought-provoking to damn, that looks good – I’ll have that. These are dietitians speaking up and being pretty f*cking awesome, IMO. 

Abby Langer: Is the Arbonne Nutrition Cleanse Program Legit? Of course not, and Abby gives you the reasons to question (ahem, ignore) all “cleanse” products. 

Alissa Rumsey (on Spright): Embrace These Full Fat Foods It’s all good, we are now 100% sure that fat doesn’t make us fat. Quite the opposite, actually. 

Robin Coale: Does BMI Matter? Yes we do dare question the “gold standard” for health assessments that’s not so golden anymore. 

Kylie’s roundup of all the things she’s gonna eat: ImmaeatTHAT and That Yep, I’ll have sommathat, too. 

Gena Hamshaw’s challenge: Menu Plan Monday on a SNAP Budget Could you eat for less than $40 per person, per week?

Kara Lydon: How Selflessness Can Lead to Happiness When the entrepreneurial mindset realizes it needs to hit the “refresh” button. 

And filed under “not-so-breaking” in the news this week? A recommendation to drink “extra” water to reduce calorie intake. Bottoms up, folks!

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  1. March 4, 2016

    Thanks for including me in this awesome list, Heather! I love the “real talk” theme, Abby’s take on the BS of “cleanse” programs, and Kara’s lovely post about selflessness. What great company to be in.

  2. March 7, 2016

    Love this roundup! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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