Real Talk: I don’t eat avocado roses

An avocado “rose” is beautiful. It’s a food-styling party-trick that I appreciate, but probably cannot achieve. I prefer my avocado sliced, or mashed and topped with sea salt. Sometimes I prefer guacamole, especially from Chipotle. But never have I ever consumed an avocado rose. I’ll keep it that way.

This week on the podcast, I talk to food media maven, Carlene Thomas. Girl can make an avocado rose better than anyone I know, and I will double-tap it on Instagram every time. She’s a food stylist. This is her job. It’s her forte. She gets paid to make an…

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The Euphemisms of Disordered Eating

We have a systemic eating disorder. When you look through health magazine or blogs, scroll through health influencers on social media, or devour healthy eating cookbooks, you’ll find one way or another to lose weight and eat better. You’ll see images of what some consider the epitome of health. You probably see someone who is lean, toned, strong, glowing, smiling, has their hand on a hip, posed and ready to tell you can (read: should) change your life (read: weight). You’ll see praise for discipline, strength, culinary skills, or wine because it’s some day of the week and we all deserve to…

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How Intuitive Eating Meets Fueling for Fitness

ETA more program details, due to inquiries, and understanding that information is helpful! See the Fit Fueling: Intuitive Eating for Female Athletes registration and course information below.

I wish I had known what it means to eat intuitively before I started running marathons. But I didn’t. I learned those lessons after a lot of food experiments, trials, and many errors. I’ve run on both ends of the spectrum—under and over-fueled. As you may have guessed, neither bodes well for race day.

Learn how to intuitive eating and fueling for fitness go hand-in-hand by joining the Fit Fueling: Intuitive Eating for…

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The “Alarming Eating Disorder” We Are Already Talking About

Awareness is awareness is awareness is awareness is AWARENESS. Any and all educational information about Orthorexia, its signs and symptoms, is welcome. If you’re a healthcare provider that sees clients at risk for Orthorexia, please say something. If you’re a writer interested in the issue, please write something. Awareness is awareness, and we need more of it.

If you’re a health media outlet who wants to bring attention to orthorexia, please do. But if you’re also part of the reason Orthorexia persists, please be honest about that, too.

Just a liiittle bit of irony in PopSugar fitness posting a video…

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What’s in an RD Real Talk Moment?

Last November I signed into the MailChimp account I set up when this site was designed (over a year earlier). I realized there were people subscribed to a (then) non-existent newsletter. I don’t think anyone complains about something not arriving in their inbox, but I wondered what to do with that list. What were you expecting when you subscribed? What had I failed to deliver? (Well, let’s not all answer that.)

After manually deleting the spam emails, I stared at a small group of people and wondered what to send them. No pressure! First newsletter!

That small group received what I…

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