7 Foods This Dietitian NEVER Eats

By the middle of my first college semester, I had mastered the dining hall flow. I had developed mental food lists for every meal. At dinner, I went right to the “lite” section, with unseasoned grilled chicken breasts, whole wheat pasta, and marinara sauce. More often than not, I went straight for that, made myself a side salad, and then might splurge for an ice cream bowl. (Have you been to Penn State’s Creamery? Even my disordered eating mind couldn’t pass it up every time.) I was eating healthy of course, according to my eating disorder. I was getting in my whole…

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Fit Fueling: You don’t have to restrict any food or drink before your race

This post is part of a series that aims to promote the benefits of mindful eating practices for runners. If you want to explore this further, sign up for the next Fit Fueling course, starting on Monday, October 23!

I’ve never been one to practice food restriction by giving anything up anything during training cycles—unless you count a few drinks on a Friday night before a Saturday Long Run (LR), or a few hours of sleep to get said LR done on Saturday morning. I have mourned a few happy hours missed, but mostly made up for it with…

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This is 25 weeks

Only one hour into the flight, I needed to stand up. I walked to the back of the airplane and stood near the bathrooms—that space where the flight attendants go for relief from us patrons, and us patrons go for relief from the people we’re sitting next to. The drink service had already happened, so the attendants were enjoying a little break in their tiny jump seats (I’m surprised they don’t point out how we think OUR seats are tiny), reading a magazine or checking their phones. (Do they get free WiFi?)

I was 19 weeks pregnant, finally starting…

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Hey, it’s OK if you don’t get excited about food every day

I worked at the Business Library for two years in college. TBH, it was one of the easiest jobs I’ve had, in terms of workload and responsibilities. I spent a lot of time at that desk feeling hungry, feeding a food obsession, and searching for recipes. Pinterest wasn’t a thing, but if it were, I would have had ALL THE FOOD BOARDS filled with “inspiration.” I brought food magazines to work, looked at food blogs during work, browsed diet websites for “low calorie” recipes, and then maybe did some homework. But it was hard for me to get a lot…

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Real Talk: I’m a chronic under-preparer

On the first day of my yoga teacher training, I felt wildly unprepared. After ninety minutes of a heated yoga class to kick things off, I was back to my current reality. My hips were propped up on a yoga block, my legs crossed on my mat, my back straight and eyes staring ahead at our teacher. She told us to bring our first reading assignment to this first night, and as I sat there trying to maintain composure (uh, posture), I wondered. Am I the only one in here who showed up completely unprepared? With no good reason, I…

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