I am (not) that kind of dietitian

With a bite in hand, heading straight for the mouth, I asked, “How did you make this?” It wasn’t my first bite, and thankfully not my last. We had a dinner buffet of snacks, trying to clear out the fridge and avoid turning on the oven. In the mix: a spread of hummus, guacamole, and a chilled tuna fish dip; crackers, sliced cured meats, fresh tomatoes and carrots, New Zealand cheddar slices, and a baked egg thing that I was definitely going to go back for seconds of. It seemed like a one-dish wonder and I wanted to know more…

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Can Intuitive Eating be Friends with Food Photos?

I started reading blogs when the “healthy living” genre was at its WordPress peak. These were the days before Instagram and Pinterest scrolling shrunk our attention spans to 0.0002 seconds. The days before we held onto smartphones, searching for notifications, like our lives depended on it. The days when some people still had and used desktop computers at home. I promise these days actually existed, once upon an early 2000s time. The concepts of intuitive eating also existed (est.1995), but I didn’t know that.

I consider myself lucky; these healthy living blogs sky rocketed to popularity right around the…

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From 18-year-old Dieter to Anti-Diet Dietitian

I sat across from my new college advisor, looking into an unfamiliar face while discussing details that would decide my future. I had to explain why I was there, trying to decide between pursuing architecture or switching gears to nutrition. Her attempt at a poker face tried to tell me, “Girl, let’s back it up a bit.” Because these two things don’t overlap anywhere. Not even a little bit.

My application to Penn State was specifically for their competitive architecture program. I was accepted to the school, but not the architecture program. They did invite me to participate in their…

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Real Talk: Sometimes you gotta ask for help

The first time I saw a therapist, I left her office in tears and felt FAR worse about my situation than I had one hour earlier. I was uncomfortable talking to her. I was sweating. I was holding my hands between my legs, fingers laced together, arms tense. I wasn’t maintaining eye contact. I didn’t want to answer her questions, nor did I want to bring up what I actually came to talk to her about. I wasn’t being an ideal client, but I should have known that wasn’t a role play. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to hear…

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Wilder Retreat Running, Unedited

“I think it feels like resigning if we come up with excuses to quit before we even try,” I said to my Wilder retreat small group. “That feels like resignation. You don’t even give yourself a chance with discomfort.”

It wasn’t a novel revelation. But I had spent a few days before this Wilder retreat coming up with excuses, so it was clear to me. I had already edited the weekend with what I thought would happen. That’s resignation. Sometimes it’s okay. Sometimes it’s the brave choice. In this case, though, it was not okay, by my personal standard. If…

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