Real Talk: It’s only sixty seconds

I’m slowly reading Peak Performance, taking in some coaching and life lessons on productivity, patience, stress, and rest. It’s applicable to both what I do as a coach for my runners and nutrition clients, and what I do every day, building a business. I appreciate that the authors, Brad Stulberg and Steve Magness, write and explore human behavior in a way that so easily touches on various aspects of our “performance.” I appreciate that they had no hesitations in mentioning daily meditation as part of this performance. 

Meditation comes up in Peak Performance‘s first chapter on rest.

It’s presented as…

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Real Life: About this tiny human

I’m accepting that I want to go to bed before the sun sets. It takes me a while to fall asleep—because hi, the sun is still up—but it feels good to just lie down and let my brain relax.

I’m learning to listen to my body on a daily basis. One day I want fried chicken, one day I want waffles for dinner, one day I want nothing to do with raw vegetables. Some days my eats have a variety of colors, food groups, and nutrients. All days are equal.

I’m keeping my heart rate low on…

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You don’t need a body transformation

You’re fine as you are.

You don’t need to eat clean or detoxify your body.

You don’t need to go to a gym and tone it up or work it out.

You don’t need to weigh in weekly to see whether your physique is satisfactory.

You don’t need a body transformation.

A gym I worked with once sent out an email about all the body (and self) “transformations” that were “yet to come.” That any gym could be the one place you achieved this. That you needed to achieve a body transformation in the first place? That was an unfair (and…

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I’ve reunited with ranch dressing

Have you tried to give yourself “permission to eat all foods”? Kelly Jones and I are hosting another round of our 4-week virtual course, Fit Fueling: Intuitive Eating for Female Athletes (of any level), starting next week. We have five spots left! Register here.

My sister always has ranch dressing and Tostito’s queso dip in her fridge. First: This post is not sponsored by either. Second: I usually go straight for one or the other when we make a snack. Maybe both, but not together. A few weeks ago I spent a weekend with her in Chicago, and…

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The strawberries won’t judge you

I don’t exclusively eat organic strawberries. In fact, a few weeks ago, I picked and ate non-organic strawberries fresh off the stem, juicy and flavorful. And I’ve lived to tell the tale.

The California Strawberry Commission (CAC) invited (and paid for) me to join a strawberry farm tour in Monterey, California. As some of you may remember, my husband and I lived in Monterey for a glorious 18 months, not too long ago. Never will I ever turn down a chance to go back, even if it’s just a short two-a-half-day trip (and that’s including my extra day tacked…

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