How “hangry” became a thing

Hunger is one of the first sensations our body recognizes. One of the first things a newborn babe does? Signals that s/he is ready for some FOOD. (After about ten months, who can blame ’em?) We don’t question it; we feed them, ASAP. (Nobody wants a hangry babe.) Yet we let ourselves get hangry all the time—ignoring hunger because some diet, or deeply entrenched food rule, says it’s OK to do so.

Intuitive Eating Principle 2: Honor Your Hunger 

You’ve felt “hangry” at some point, I’m sure.

It’s often said in a joking tone, or maybe with that NO-SRSLY-GET-ME-FOOD-NOW…

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Real Life: This is 38 weeks

I can’t easily cross my legs or lace up my winter boots. I have an amazing winter coat that zips, on loan from my MIL (because Michiganders have all the right winter gear, which is the opposite of me, always). But my wardrobe is now limited to a few staples that I rotate every few days, which is reason number 82 I’m thankful to not work in an office setting. I’ve entered the swollen stage, but not enough swelling to cause any medical concerns (just personal ones). It’s VERY difficult to get compression socks on and off; yesterday, I started…

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Real Talk: If the diet had worked, we wouldn’t be having this conversation

I remember the fervor with which I justified my disordered eating habits. “I like to eat healthy,” was my go-to answer. I was an athletic 18-year old with zero health issues, so, my health wasn’t something I needed to worry about at the time. I had no idea that diets don’t work. And if I was ever honest with myself, I would have admitted it had nothing to do with health and everything to do with the appearance of health. The thin ideal. The assumption that because a body is smaller, it’s healthier than the one next to it.

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It’s OK to eat the peanut butter with added sugar

I’m back at my MOST FAVORITE coffee shop this morning, as we settle into yet another new routine and let the working crew finish the final touches on the house. Because we don’t own a microwave yet (survived without one for two years, actually, but our new kitchen has a dedicated microwave nook), and our stove isn’t hooked up yet, and our fridge only kind of works, I’m enjoying breakfast here, at the coffee shop.

I ordered a plain bagel with peanut butter.

A little container of JIF peanut butter was packed into my brown bag, alongside the toasted bagel. I…

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