The “Alarming Eating Disorder” We Are Already Talking About

Awareness is awareness is awareness is awareness is AWARENESS. Any and all educational information about Orthorexia, its signs and symptoms, is welcome. If you’re a healthcare provider that sees clients at risk for Orthorexia, please say something. If you’re a writer interested in the issue, please write something. Awareness is awareness, and we need more of it.

If you’re a health media outlet who wants to bring attention to orthorexia, please do. But if you’re also part of the reason Orthorexia persists, please be honest about that, too.

Just a liiittle bit of irony in PopSugar fitness posting a video…

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What’s in an RD Real Talk Moment?

Last November I signed into the MailChimp account I set up when this site was designed (over a year earlier). I realized there were people subscribed to a (then) non-existent newsletter. I don’t think anyone complains about something not arriving in their inbox, but I wondered what to do with that list. What were you expecting when you subscribed? What had I failed to deliver? (Well, let’s not all answer that.)

After manually deleting the spam emails, I stared at a small group of people and wondered what to send them. No pressure! First newsletter!

That small group received what I…

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How to Protect Your Kids From the Diet Culture

The question below was submitted through my “Let’s Talk About It” form, with permission to share. I asked a fellow registered dietitian, Emily Fonnesbeck, to lend her intuitive eating and parenting expertise. She speaks from experience in helping to stop the diet culture with her kids, and her work. You can find more of her writing and nutrition advice on

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Q: “As the daughter of an anorexic mother and a father who was perpetually trying to lose weight, I’ve spent a lot of my life trying to develop positive relationships with food but basically starting from…

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Back to the Marathon Base: Build it together

I got into Marine Corps Marathon again! If I’m lucky enough to make it to race day healthy and well-trained, it will be my 5th. After this, I’m in the Runners Club. I care way more about this club’s perks than any airline status. (But my short-lived Silver on Virgin was pretty nice.)

If my forever-run-buddy Kate is reading this, she’s shaking her head and waving her index finger. I can hear her reminding me of what I said to her at mile 20 last year. I can hear myself! “DO NOT LET ME SIGN UP FOR ANOTHER MARATHON. MAYBE…

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Real Entrepreneur Talk: Day in the Private Practice Life, Quarter One

I’m still not confident in filing my quarterly taxes, but it will happen soon because it has to. In other news: It has been three whole months since I kicked off this private practice! Whoa.

I come to the same coffee shop every day. I’m finally learning names of the people who pour me an iced coffee every morning (no room for cream). I get here around the same time, which has conditioned the pup to collapse onto the rug and tell me it’s NAP TIME every morning around 7:50 AM. I see some of the same people…

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