The strawberries won’t judge you

I don’t exclusively eat organic strawberries. In fact, a few weeks ago, I picked and ate non-organic strawberries fresh off the stem, juicy and flavorful. And I’ve lived to tell the tale.

The California Strawberry Commission (CAC) invited (and paid for) me to join a strawberry farm tour in Monterey, California. As some of you may remember, my husband and I lived in Monterey for a glorious 18 months, not too long ago. Never will I ever turn down a chance to go back, even if it’s just a short two-a-half-day trip (and that’s including my extra day tacked…

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A Lesson in Questioning Hunger and Enjoying Machine Waffles

His race started at 7:30 a.m., not early or late for an endurance event. I dropped him off at 6:30, so he could hop on the shuttle and head to the starting line and get his adventure going. He had approximately 30 miles on deck—his third 50K in two years—and he was calm, wide awake, and ready to get going! He snacked on an apple with peanut butter and a Picky Bar while he double-checked his supplies. Water, Skratch mix packets, chews, salt tablets, watch, socks, and shoes. All set!

I had a full water bottle in the…

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Real Talk: It was fried, and everything I wanted in that moment

When I stopped eating meat (seven years ago), it wasn’t about restriction. It was about appetite, or lack thereof, with a side of pure horror. After watching a food industry documentary film—which, to be fair, presented both sides of animal farming and production (industrial and small local farm, organic)—I just could not. I immediately lost my not-so-supple appetite for any and all meat or poultry products. I said, to myself or whomever was listening or asking, I would eat it again when it was appetizing to me. I meant that. It hasn’t been appetizing in about seven years.

I did…

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What is an Anti-Diet Dietitian?

When I started my private practice, I was beginning to learn the official principles of Intuitive Eating. I knew a little bit, but not enough to feel confident incorporating it in my nutrition counseling. I had to change that in order to be the kind of dietitian I wanted to be—an anti-diet dietitian— to practice what I think is true. Nutrition and weight loss do not always walk hand-in-hand; diets do not work; learning to honor your body’s intuitive hunger and satiety cues will save your relationship with food. If you learn to practice Intuitive Eating, maybe you’ll lose weight,…

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Real Talk: I don’t eat avocado roses

An avocado “rose” is beautiful. It’s a food-styling party-trick that I appreciate, but probably cannot achieve. I prefer my avocado sliced, or mashed and topped with sea salt. Sometimes I prefer guacamole, especially from Chipotle. But never have I ever consumed an avocado rose. I’ll keep it that way.

This week on the podcast, I talk to food media maven, Carlene Thomas. Girl can make an avocado rose better than anyone I know, and I will double-tap it on Instagram every time. She’s a food stylist. This is her job. It’s her forte. She gets paid to make an…

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