“I don’t want to be a dietitian anymore”

I wasn’t looking for a job. I’m not the type to actually read LinkedIn messages. (I spend as little time as possible on that website. It needs ALL THE UX HALP.) But there was the message, on LinkedIn, and there I was, reading it. It arrived about one month after I went part-time at my corporate wellness job—one month into thinking maybe I could start a “real” side-hustle (not the fake kind I had for a few years). The message and job description caught my attention, at just the right time.

Real talk

I was one month into wondering…

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You probably already know what you “should eat”

As I sat in my first Nutrition class, I thought, “This is easy.” I knew so much already about what I should eat, from my “health” magazine reading, food journaling, and USDA nutrient database searching. It took me another year to declare myself a Nutrition Science major, because taking Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, and the like did NOT sound so easy. The food stuff, though? I had that down.

I did learn about digestion in that first nutrition class, but I wasn’t too interested in the details of how a hamburger is processed from bolus to anus. (Is anyone, really?)…

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Real Talk: It can be hard to treat yourself like a friend

I was annoyed with myself when I crossed the finish line of my first marathon (circa 2010). I didn’t run it very “fast” and was so far off from the goal I supposedly didn’t have. I vowed never to run one again, because I felt so defeated by those 26 miles. My training had gone relatively well, but I let it all slide with a few very dumb decisions—what I wore, the way I ate (or didn’t eat), the arrogance I had as I stood at the starting line thinking about how I would probably run a BQ (3:40, at…

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7 Foods This Dietitian NEVER Eats

By the middle of my first college semester, I had mastered the dining hall flow. I had developed mental food lists for every meal. At dinner, I went right to the “lite” section, with unseasoned grilled chicken breasts, whole wheat pasta, and marinara sauce. More often than not, I went straight for that, made myself a side salad, and then might splurge for an ice cream bowl. (Have you been to Penn State’s Creamery? Even my disordered eating mind couldn’t pass it up every time.) I was eating healthy of course, according to my eating disorder. I was getting in my whole…

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Fit Fueling: You don’t have to restrict any food or drink before your race

This post is part of a series that aims to promote the benefits of mindful eating practices for runners. If you want to explore this further, sign up for the next Fit Fueling course, starting on Monday, October 23!

I’ve never been one to practice food restriction by giving anything up anything during training cycles—unless you count a few drinks on a Friday night before a Saturday Long Run (LR), or a few hours of sleep to get said LR done on Saturday morning. I have mourned a few happy hours missed, but mostly made up for it with…

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