Giving the Reins to my Body, and This Tiny Human

I had my snack ready to go, knowing I would get hungry at some point during my library visit. I’m still not sure if food is “allowed” in the library, so I find quiet corners and try to open bags or packages quietly. I’m also never sure when hunger will strike, but it announces itself LOUDLY and clearly. This tiny human has demands and I’m like, You got it, babe! That afternoon’s hunger was no different—I didn’t make it off the bus or to the library before digging into a dried fruit bar in my backpack. That dried fruit bar…

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I Guess The Whole30 is Very Much Still A Thing

First, I acknowledge that I’m adding to a long list of Whole30 dietitian reviews. Type “Whole30 dietitian review” into the search bar if you’re hungry for more. I’m publishing this for two reasons: 1) I haven’t added to that list yet, and 2) someone asked me about this diet over the weekend, and I’m like IS THIS REALLY STILL A THING? More on that below.

The talk I gave to my fellow lady runners  that day had nothing to do with The Whole30, or any other elimination diet, but inevitably the “What do you think about” questions will come….

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It’s not Just That Extra Slice of Cake

My current physical status is fifteen weeks pregnant, or, “had one too many slices of cake.” The first one tasted great, the second was good for a bite but then I kept going. We all know that feeling, right?

But actually, there were three cakes.

We spent a long weekend in New Mexico visiting my family, and it was a damn good time. I appreciate the southwest more with every year I’m away. (At this point, that’s twelve years and counting.) I love the drive from Albuquerque to our hometown, even though it means spending almost three hours…

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Real Talk: It’s only sixty seconds

I’m slowly reading Peak Performance, taking in some coaching and life lessons on productivity, patience, stress, and rest. It’s applicable to both what I do as a coach for my runners and nutrition clients, and what I do every day, building a business. I appreciate that the authors, Brad Stulberg and Steve Magness, write and explore human behavior in a way that so easily touches on various aspects of our “performance.” I appreciate that they had no hesitations in mentioning daily meditation as part of this performance. 

Meditation comes up in Peak Performance‘s first chapter on rest.

It’s presented as…

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Real Life: About this tiny human

I’m accepting that I want to go to bed before the sun sets. It takes me a while to fall asleep—because hi, the sun is still up—but it feels good to just lie down and let my brain relax.

I’m learning to listen to my body on a daily basis. One day I want fried chicken, one day I want waffles for dinner, one day I want nothing to do with raw vegetables. Some days my eats have a variety of colors, food groups, and nutrients. All days are equal.

I’m keeping my heart rate low on…

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