With food freedom I’ve rediscovered this baked sausage pasta dish

I played soccer in high school. Before every home game, one of our parents hosted a dinner party for the team. I remember eating chicken enchiladas until I felt like my stomach might burst. I remember brisket sandwiches that taught me what “pulled brisket” is. And I remember sitting on my parents’ deck, with a plate full of one of my mom’s go-to recipes—a baked sausage pasta, with tomatoes and lots of cheese.

The original recipe came from a Cooking Light issue, but after a few takes, we knew it by heart. With three kids playing sports, all in middle…

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Feeling cold? Let’s warm you up

I kept turning the air down (up?) in many attempts to cool off during our long road trip this weekend. I was on the “sunny side” of the car, but also, I’m carrying a high blood volume and another human right now. So, even when it’s less than forty degrees outside of this car, I’m running warm most of the time. (Wearing compression socks may also be a factor in this specific anecdote.) But I remember a time when that was never the case.

Going to college in central Pennsylvania and losing weight rapidly (as the result of…

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“I hate when someone comments on what I’m eating.”

Aside from the cross-country travel and general unpleasantness of being in an airport during the days before and after, I never considered holidays, or the feasts that accompany them, stressful. I knew what to expect, and could plan for, or around, all the food. I thought I “enjoyed” what I wanted to, and I “didn’t like” most of those traditional holiday foods, anyway.

Actually, I ate what felt safe and what would protect me from judgment. I ate enough so as to not draw attention to my plate, and just the right amount to satisfy both my ego and…

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Real Talk: I think Sport Specific Orthorexia is a thing

I developed a habit of buying potato chips at the coffee shop where I’d spend most of my afternoons working in Monterey, California. At the time, I was training for my third Marine Corps Marathon. For some illogical reason, we had decided to try a month of not eating tortilla chips, so, naturally, some other chip took its place. The cravings were strong, and I was on a high volume training plan (for me), and damn if I wasn’t going to just enjoy a bag of potato chips (almost) every day.

I paid special attention to sports nutrition during…

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Real Talk: The unhealthiest thing we’re doing is constantly worrying about food

I knew the menu words to look for—creamy, heavy, fried—and how to avoid them. I didn’t want to order a salad at EVERY meal; it was too obvious. And I didn’t want to always order from the “Lite” (or whatever diet fad word was popular at the time) menu. Again, too obvious. I wanted to choose something healthy, but also seem normal, I guess?

To be clear, the “I” here is the ol’ eating disorder ego. It’s loud and demanding. 

What also would have been nice is a chance to sit down and look at a menu simply to order food,…

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