How to Practice Fueling On a Long Run

One of the trickiest aspects of training may be nailing down a strategy to fueling on a long run. As we tackle long distances in any sport, there’s no denying that our bodies NEED sugar fuel in some form or another. There’s also no denying the variety of options out there that could stop any novice or experienced trainee in their tracks, stalled by confusion, indecision, and/or literally in a bathroom. If you’re reading this and nodding away like YES YES YES, and OMG more-bathrooms-please YES, then let’s chat. You’ve come to the right place.

I work with…

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Vegan Fried Rice & Zucchini Bowl

When I cook brown rice I always make much more than needed because a) it’s almost impossible not to, with the crazy way rice bulks up and surprises you, and b) it’s always nice to have leftovers to throw into other meals without having to wait another 45 minutes. One thing I’ve never done at home, though, is stir-fry it. And now I have a new relationship with rice, via this vegan fried rice bowl. 

This recipe came together quickly as the Sunday night just-feed-me meals tend to. It was made as a bowl for one, but I’ve adjusted it to…

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Run Recovery Rollers

This past year has taught me a lot about injury, recovery and rolling all over the floor. For a long time I was proudly listed on the “Never Injured!” runner list, and it certainly caught up to me. See: knee injury that sidelined and shocked me simultaneously. All of the questions popped up immediately (actually maybe just one: WHY?!) and I was at the mercy of my Coach’s advice, Mike’s foam rolling habits and the arsenal of muscle-torture-tools that happen to camp out in the living room. Now I’m working through some tight calves after long runs and speed sessions….

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The Success-Failure Spectrum

There are a lot of life things that tend to get placed into polar-opposite buckets; we classify them as one or the other in our minds, and move on. You’re hot or cold, hungry or satisfied, Christian or Jewish, male or female. We make declarations (“I am…”) that seemingly identify us as one thing, as if it were possible to be anything other than just you. These declarations speak to our ego, for better or for worse.

I am a runner. | I am injured.

I am a vegetarian. | I am an omnivore.

I am a student. |…

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Backpacking Zion National Park: Trans-Zion Trek

If you’ve ever considered hiking the Trans-Zion Trek, here’s hoping you find the information below helpful! 

We got ourselves to southern Utah with two missions: 1) run the Canyonlands Half-Marathon in Moab, and 2) explore as much of Zion National Park as our legs could handle in four days. Luckily this only took a little bit of pre-planning, which was done entirely by him while I was in another country. Going into the second part of our desert crawl, the only thing I knew is that my backpack was stuffed with some new gear and he had an…

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