YTT: Behind the Maya (Veil)

Throughout the course of our 200-hour yoga teacher training(YTT), we have to observe class at least 3 times. One thing you rarely, if ever, consider as a student is the structure behind 60-90 minutes of a yoga flow. And with good reason! There’s some magic in the not knowing, just listening, doing and digging around your brain.  And trying to keep your hips closed or feet balanced. That may be all you ever think about – that ish isn’t easy!

I remember my first few yoga flows in Denver, when all the things began to click, leaving class in a…

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35 Hours: 200 YTT Resumes

Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) continues! See posts checking in at hours 5 & 29 from our initial training weekend in January.

The weekend of yoga starts off with 5 hours on Thursday evening, in the middle of which is a 90-minute class. Coral can throw a LOT into that time frame, and this one included peaking with crow pose. Breaking down that “peak pose” – what you need to work on to get in and out of it – will decide the vinyasas (sequences) of the class. Crow is a balancing pose, so a lot of…

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Building (Run) Fatigue: the good way to feel exhausted

One way I reduce decision fatigue is by working with my Coach (cannot begin to put a $ to how much I value not having to think about my training plans). But what does she do in return? Fatigue the crap out of me.

I read this quote yesterday just before I strapped on the Heart-rate monitor for the second run of the day. I  immediately thought about all the times we build a BIG thick cushion for ourselves to land on, before we even know from how high we’ll start to fall. All…

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Avoiding Decision Fatigue: Why I eat eggs for breakfast everyday

There’s something to be said for food habits. I once survived on the following: oatmeal for breakfast, turkey sandwich on whole-wheat bread for lunch (with lettuce, cucumbers & salsa) – possibly a chocolate pudding or just chocolate, yogurt somewhere for a snack, carrots/chips+salsa while cooking, some version of “grilled” chicken + veggies/pasta for dinner. Maybe an Oreo or small bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats for dessert. Every day.

I’m not kidding at all. And this was during and probably for a while shortly after my college days (studying Nutrition Sciences). Take that as you will…

Usually no mind was paid to…

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This Running Week: Mid-Training Edition

The injury of late 2014 is almost nothing but a wincing memory now (knocks FIRMLY on wood), a story that finally allows me to empathize with and relate to fellow injured runners. You’re going CRAZY, I know! Endorphins should be bottled up and sold OTC, amiright?!

Now: my Training Peaks calendar just reminded me that we’re only SIX weeks out from the Canyonlands Half Marathon. Say what?! Here I am running throughout the weeks thinking this ‘comeback’ feels pretty good.

But the comeback is donezo. Easy days aren’t as dominant. This is actually half-marathon training.

I had my…

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