Attack a Weakness: Working Out with Tony Horton (P90X)

Sure, I thought it would be fun to run a 5K this weekend (adios humidity, hello September PR-potential!). Of course I thought it’d be pretty cool to meet Tony Horton – the P90X brain. I didn’t hesitate to jump on a chance to join a “Tweet-Up”…

But no, sir, I am no P90X enthusiast. Confession: I do not bootcamp much these days. I’m not a fan of burpees. My sister has made me do your “Yoga X”and it almost killed me. She can do a pull-up thanks to your workouts, and I can run a 3:34 marathon. Different strengths…right?


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Cross-country Flashback: San Francisco Half Marathon Run

Way back in June (yes, of this year; yes, June feels like a long time ago) my sister & I hopped across the country and landed ourselves in San Francisco. The trip encompassed quite a few long-overdue things: visiting a great Denver-friend, running + racing in a new city, seeing a new-to-me city and exploring a new-to-me National Park (Yosemite).

The running-weekend started with a lululemon party (as all running events should) at their Grant Avenue store. There was a huge turnout for the “SFM Shake-Out Run”, as we all got our nervous-race-legs ready:

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EX2 Adventure #2: Summer Racing on Schaeffer Trails

I declare 2013 the year of no road-marathons and the beginning of a trail love-affair. Ex2 didn’t have to do much to woo us the first time around, and when I saw the Blue Crab Bolt series open up, the group-email was sent out quickly:

“In for round 2, 10K style?”

Four of us trekked up to the Schaeffer farm trail nice and early on Saturday morning, greeted by wide open fields, a cloudy sky and a light mist. The high for the day hovered right around 80*, but the early hour treated us to a…

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Strawberry Spring Salad

A week ago I was running with ear warmers, gloves & my fleece-lined lululemon pants (i.e. the best piece of running gear I’ve ever purchased. Hands down.). This morning, Kate & I headed out at 6 am in shorts & tees, taking pictures like this:


Spring has arrived! This means a lot of things – my favorite season is finally here, for one – and the grocery store shelves are reflecting the shift. Thanks to our CSA last year, I know all too well that strawberries must be purchased in season or not at all. Once you…

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Ex2 Adventure’s Backyard Burn: Trail Racing in Wakefield Park

When we signed up for this race it just flat out did not occur to me to consider the difference between 10 miles on the road vs. the trail. If I have an option of running a 5-mile vs 10-mile race and no “good” reason to not do the latter? I choose 10!

We totally lucked out with what was deemed the “flattest” course of this Backyard Burn Trail Race Series (5 total). It also seems to have been the least technical, only including “a few shallow stream crossings” and a lot of twisty, windy, up-and-down sections. But,…

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