January training for your aerobic base

I’m the running coach in this relationship, sure, but my husband has taught me more about patience and aerobic training. He’s a patient runner, with a cooperative heart. He spent months doing long, easy, low-heart rate runs, and damn if it didn’t pay off in the end. Because of course, if you do anything well, it works.

So for one month, let’s do it well. Run aerobically, take it easy, and let the body build up its endurance base. I think this is one of the best ways to start your year of running, no matter what goals you have.

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One month, all aerobic running, coached by me, with a team of people doing the same thing.

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First, I messed it up.

My first aerobic training cycle is one what could call a “hot mess.” I was trying to squeeze way too much into a three month time frame. I was living in DC, picking training back up after taking (most of) a year off from racing hard, and ignoring the fact that I signed up for a very tough course. I was open to giving this “aerobic” thing a try. Why not! But I half-assed my way through it, and knew exactly why it wasn’t working well for me.

That marathon (Charlottesville, 2014) sits confidently at the bottom of my list, where it will stay. I finished “strong”—in that I ran most of the last 10K at a steady pace—but felt far from it. The hills killed me (because I skipped all of the strength training); the fact that I ran just under four hours instead of a 3:30 killed me (because my ego was mad). I felt far from a runner that I recognized as myself, but took most of the blame for that.

Then I got a nice, shiny, new BQ.

Instead of quitting altogether, I trained for two more marathons using the same approach, but putting in a LOT more work. Of course, that worked.

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Now I know: Aerobic training takes patience and dedication.

It requires some attention to data, is easier with some guidance, and is a lot more fun when you’re not the only one running through some slow and easy miles!

It also helps if you set aside some time to focus SOLELY on aerobic training—instead of trying to combine that with race training—which is why we’re chatting about this today. I think at least one month of aerobic training is essential to distance running.

Join the aerobic training team.

For the month of January, build your endurance base with aerobic running. I’ll give you a plan, you’ll join the team (i.e. not go at it alone!), and work with me as your coach.

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