Fridays are for easy holiday miles & giving what we can

The longest-running chat in the training group right now is HOW to bundle up for cold weather. We have a few Californians traveling east, feeling unprepared for the sub-freezing temperatures. We have a few east coasters who have been surprised by recent temps in the teens (hand-raised). We have one desert native who currently lives in Chicago and is like, WHAT and WHY, and WHAT?! But we all agree on layers and putting fashion aside for function.

I met Sam for our weekly morning run to her office ( after which I hop on the metro to get home, sweaty and tired, and all early Metro riders are like, “Really?”) but had a small request. I haven’t seen anything holiday-related yet, so requested a run to the National Christmas Tree. So here it is, and it is very lovely.

National Christmas Tree 2016

Right now, I’d say I’m lightly training for the DC Rock ‘n’ Roll race. I’m running it, for sure, but December is for getting back into the aerobic-running groove. Fridays are for easy one-hour runs. This Friday, in particular, is for remembering how to dress for sixteen degrees and how to keep it slow, conversational, and easy.

Today, a run outfit that kept me warm(ish) in sixteen degrees consisted of: fleece-lined running tights, tank top + Oiselle long-sleeve running shirt, fleece-lined lululemon hoodie (with hand covers and a ponytail hole), ear warmer, thermal gloves, and wool socks (a Sam tip!).

December running

Yes, my head was VERY warm. 

That said, we saw a lot of people that were anything but warm. 

The tough thing about running through DC on these mornings (well, this entire season) is seeing the people sleeping on vents and benches, in corners, and sometimes in the Metro hallways. I was fine in my many-dollars-worth of run clothing, only because I was moving. This sudden temperature drop is hardest on those who have nowhere to stay or go, who can’t move without bringing everything they own right now with them.

So today’s one little thing is donating to Back on My Feet DC. If you haven’t heard of the organization, start here. If you have, find your city’s chapter and see what you can do. Donate money, clothing, your time, or your attention to the cause. It’s a mix of running, philanthropy, and social movement. It’s good stuff.


  1. December 16, 2016

    today was so cold. my toes were frozen for the entire 6 miles. even my HR monitor got frozen!

    • December 28, 2016

      Yikes! Do you have wool socks? That does make a big difference (for the toes, not the HR monitor…). 🙂

  2. December 16, 2016

    Hey Heather!

    Where are your fleece lined tights from? I need to invest in some now that I’m living in the Midwest! Planning to start training again in January…


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