RW Festival 1: 5(K) & Dime (10K)

Let’s start with this: if registration was already open for the 2014 Runners World Festival, I would already be signed up (probably going for hat-trick II).

Yep, they’re that good. But would you really expect any less from a Runner’s World race?

The hat-trick challenge started with two of three races today (Saturday). On deck: 5K at 8am followed by the 10K at 9:30am. Our RW-blogger team had the luxury of shuttles to/from the race this morning, so we hopped on the bus at 6:45 am and headed in for our “5 & Dime” morning.

Thanks for the {too early} group shot, Monica!

It’s been slightly cooler-than-expected (read: prepared for) on these mornings, but ya know, RW has us covered. Waiting inside {the Arts Quest Center}? Yes, c’mon in! Indoor bathrooms, too? Of course.

Bag-check was easy and available for a stop-in between the two races. All good things, RW! Nice work.


Another group shot, thanks to Katy! We’re sort of awake…getting there!


Bag-check: check! Heading to the Start line with Susan & Jocelyn.


GOOD MORNING, Runners! 3.1 miles to go – let’s do this.

The 5K course is pretty simple with a great view across the bridge and a few hills to keep it just on the side of challenging but not too miserable. A few blogger-team runners took this thing by storm (Susan: first in the AG!) and a few of us just took it easy. 24-ish minutes later…


Up for grabs: the 5K bling, water, bananas, Larabars, apples & bagels. And open for runners to stay warm: the Arts Quest & Steel Stacks Visitors Center. This is how you know the race is planned for runners, by runners.

We stayed nice n’ comfy in the Visitors Center, waiting for the 45+/- minutes until the Dime began. And then we lined up for round 2!


Neon & SHOES: Linda, Sara, Heather & me.

This felt so much easier than the 5k – warmed up (literally, and…muscle-y) and pumped that when this Finish line is crossed, we only have one more race to go! The course was similar to the 5K but with an extended tour of the town and an extra hill or two.

Bethlehem, you are quite cute. Fall leaves, homes, downtown shops & eats and friendly spectators all around.

The Finish line was full of us! And a lot of other relieved hat-trickers 2/3 done.


Linda & I ran the whole thing together, coming in at 47:31.

And now, there are two blings.



Sunday, we wrap it up! We go 3-for-3.  13.1 miles are waiting for us…


  1. October 20, 2013

    Congratulations on two great races! Can’t wait to hear about today’s half – the pictures have been blowing up my Instagram and I can’t wait to read all of the recaps!

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