Any runner, any goal race, same tribe

1.2.17 ETA: The Spring Training Group is still open! Join us by clicking here. 

Full disclosure: First, I thought anyone who wants to run the DC Rock ‘n’ Roll half-marathon can train with me. I’d charge a little bit, because I’m a coach and we all need to take our jobs seriously. I’d open it to anyone, even if they were training to run a virtual 5K on March 11 instead of the DC RNR’s 13.1 miles.

Somewhere between typing words and having more ideas while sentences appeared on the screen, I changed my approach. Why not make slight adjustments for each runner, so that it’s THEIR training plan? Why not open it up to anyone training for any running race this spring? Why not let any runner, with any goal, and any training style into the same tribe?

That’s how I prefer my running: open to all.

So to be clear, that’s what this tribe is.

It’s a flexible 14-week training plan for your Spring race(s). It costs $100*—for the plan, for me to work as your coach during all 14 weeks, and to connect you with a training tribe. If you recruit a friend then it’s only $75 for each of you. Because this should be a group thing! It should be fun for you. 

You can start today, tomorrow, next week ,or the week after (etc.). Your training plan with be yours, helping you work towards your race.

*Cost has been adjusted. 

— — — — — — — — —

Some of you may recognize this approach, as it’s similar to how some of the “old” Spright classes were led. I loved it. I helped form those classes, based on what I know to be true about group learning and habit change.

“We want to be realistic, welcoming, humble, honest, supportive, and inspiring. We want to teach you so that you can do it on your own from here on out, but we also want you to know that it’s okay to need a network to feel a sense of accountability and motivation. At the end of the day, we want you to feel good about what you’re doing and how you’re doing it.”

That’s still what drives me as a coach.
I don’t want you to depend on me; I want you to have each other, self confidence, and trust in the work you’re doing.

So, I hope you’ll start training with me. This is a big step towards my own business as a coach, no longer in the startup world but always in the running world.

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