Half-marathon Training Tribe (and Plan)

I don’t hate running by myself. I do a lot of it. But running is essentially how I met most of my best friends in DC, and it’s how I found my people in both Denver and Monterey when I was not in DC. I found a few running buddies in San Francisco, have been part of Team Amazing Day (in various ways) for almost three (!!) years and the Oiselle Volée community for two. The last few marathons I’ve done have been because I either convinced someone to join me or vice versa. That Zion adventure? That would not have happened without our crew.

run training friends
My main DC crew. But actually, this photo was taken in Philadelphia.

In short: many of us take this blissful solo act and use it to find our tribe.

Sometimes they’re people we meet in the dark morning hours or before everyone else is awake on the weekends; sometimes they’re somewhere else entirely but we know we’re all running together. Which brings me to the training plan I outlined for myself* last night—it might be your training plan too.

I’m training for the DC Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon.

(But if we could all just refer to it as the “National Half” that would be great, thanks.) I love this race and have some great memories pounded into that course. I’ve never raced alone, so this round will be no different. One San Francisco friend suggested we do it, and then I (think I’ve) convinced two additional SF friends to join.  And maybe, you too?

Today was my first “training” run, but only because I outlined the plan last night and I want to run Monday, Wednesday, Friday (and weekends). Otherwise, December 1 feels like a good place to start. So don’t worry, you haven’t missed much. If you want to join me, you can start tomorrow or next week. Or the week after! You do you.

It’s basically one training plan for many runners. (So, you choose your own race!)

That’s the idea, if you’re in. I made the plan, you join the crew training together for the DC RNR or any other Spring half (or full) marathon you have in mind. Of note: I’m a coach, and this is work, so yes there’s a cost.

Add your information here, and I’ll make a few adjustments for your individual preferences as needed.

What’s included in this plan & training stuff?

In no particular order: Me (your coach), a full 14-week training plan for a half-marathon (option to adjust the distance), and a tribe! I’ll be setting up a team on Slack so we can chat all things training and you guys can all be running friends. Participation optional.

(If you want individualized coaching, like what I do with my Team Amazing Day runners, that’s an option too. Email me, we’ll chat.)

The thing is, no matter what we’re doing, working toward, focusing in on, or trying to achieve, it makes a big difference to know we’re not alone. I’m training, so if you are too, let’s make it a team thing.

*I strongly believe in working with a coach, but am currently riding the funemployment wave, so (needless to point out) a little more budget-conscious for the time being. 

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