Team Amazing Day Training Camp

There’s something about the mountains and city of Boulder that keep me coming back, and this time around it’ll be for a high-altitude weekend of activities de triathlon (disregarding the two out of three sports that elude me). A group of Team Amazing Day athletes are coming from all corners of the US to run, ride, and swim through Colorado’s version of “Spring”  (see: raining, highs between 50-60*) under the command of Chief Pain Office, Katie. To break up the sweat-tastic agenda we have a Nutrition session on Saturday afternoon and a yoga evening planned for Sunday’s sunset. Everything will culminate with the famous Bolder Boulder 10K run+ debauchery. (Sadly I’ll be hopping on a westbound plane before that goes down!)

This was the easiest packing job I’ve done yet – marathons require a lot of thought and come with a side of anxious stress, but this was just an effort to pack ALL the stretchy run-things into a suitcase, and remembering some comfy sweats + compression socks. I basically discarded any clothing item that couldn’t potentially be worn for a run or swim (or both!), and packed one pair of comfy shoes without laces for good measure (i.e.Toms).

Team Amazing Day packing_Run clothes

In the mix: Oiselle long-sleevse + obnoxiously-orange shorts, lululemon run everything, race pull-overs (my favorite swag), the “I Run this Body” shirt for casual-wear and Mizuno shoes for all-day cruising. Team short-sleeve run singlet courtesy of Squadra, arriving on the my doorstep just in time to land in the suitcase!

As mentioned above, I’m no cyclist or swimmer, so for many hours I’ll be in charge of the SAG SUV, puppy-loving, and making sure the athletes are well-fueled with Love Grown Foods, Bobo’s Oat Bars, Justin’s nut butters, and OSMO nutrition things (all sponsors of the weekend!). The first three are Colorado-natives, so we’re keeping it local! Even if they weren’t, they’d be some of my first choices for feeding many hungry athletes with high-quality carbs. OSMO sponsors the team as a whole, and we happily drink up the hydration goods. In between those duties, I’ll be running for the first time since the marathon. To say my feet are antsy would be an immense understatement. And where better to break the seal then in the presence of Flat-irons, micro-brews, and low-O2 air, right? MMHM.

You’ll see quite a few updates from the weekend on Instagram from myself and the team (@Teamamzingday). The camps happen a few times per year, so if you’re interested in joining us next time, just let me know!

Happy holiday weekending, all!

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