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I host the RD Real Talk podcast, because I’m a fan of both real talk and registered dietitians (RDs). I want consumers to know nutrition doesn’t have to be complicated. I’m interested in hearing my fellow dietitians’ opinions on health news, hot topics, and research. I’m also interested in the work they’re doing, how we can support each other, and how you can work with them (as consumers or dietetic students).

“Best podcast for RDNs and aspiring RDNs! Hands down, Heather’s RD Real Talk is the breath of fresh air the {dietetics} profession needs!” – Liz Shaw, Shaw’s Simple Swaps 

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“This is definitely the perfect podcast for all dietetic interns and dietitians! However, I think everyone can benefit from this podcast (and Heather’s blog, too), which counteracts all the other “healthy living” podcast and blogs out there giving misinformation. I love listening every week!” – MeganAnderson629

RD Real Talk podcast show notes

14: This may (not) give you 27% of your Vitamin C for the day

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Carlene Thomas and her many hats join the show today!  She’s an entrepreneur, media maven, and food styling queen. She’s almost solely responsible for my renewed AND membership (we talk about that). She’s also been an inspiration as I start this private practice and join the business-owning RD world.

Real talk (jealous) moment: She did the Vermonster (Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream) challenge with her dietetic internship group. I watched people eat frozen meals during my internship. Not the same.

Carlene walks us through her business’ evolution, from nutrition counseling to food styling and working with the Food Network.“For me, a private practice was the safest choice.” (A rare tale.) Our talk gets inside the the process of prepping for a photo shoot, and the nutrition message she’s sending with her images.

In the news:

Your face is being targeted. How ads are changed to show you what they think you want (e.g. salads for women, sausage pizza for men)

Wasted food, wasted nutrients—could a new approach to food distribution save some of our country’s nutrients?  

  • CSA, Imperfect produce, Hungry Harvest

TED Talk mentioned in the episode: “Teach girls bravery, not perfection

Carlene Thomas: healthfullyeverafter.co | Twitter: @carleneHEA , Instagram: @healthfullyeverafter

13: Why you don’t need a WHY

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Julie Duffy Dillon, registered dietitian host of the “Love, Food” podcast, is on this week! Her expertise in Intuitive Eating and HAES was a refreshing addition to the Virginia Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (VAND) meeting a few months ago. I stalked her after her presentation. That worked out well for me! Real talk: this is the stuff that saved my interest in, and passion for, nutrition.

In this episode, we dive into a tough listener question about “disciplined” vs. “disordered” eating, and why you don’t need a WHY or weight loss.

Julie Duffy Dillon: juliedillonrd.com, Twitter: @foodpeacerdn

12: Dry humping has no place in nutrition

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Lisa Valente is on the podcast this week! She joins us from Vermont, where she works as EatingWell Media’s Digital Nutrition and News Editor. We worked together years ago, so we have a lot to catch up on! In this episode, we skip a news review and instead talk about all of the following. 

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  • Why some people shouldn’t pursue the RD(N) career path
  • Why to join a group run when you think you might not want to
  • How our personal nutrition interests and philosophies have evolved since college
  • What nutrition fads we’re done with (#NoMoreSexWithPantsOn)
  • How recent research challenges what we were taught in school
  • What dietitians and freelance writers need to know to get a pitch to publish
  • What wedding food at a dietitian’s wedding looks (and tastes) like (BFD)

Check out Lisa’s work at EatingWell through both their print magazine and online posts! Twitter: @LisaDValente

11: They’re actually hashed brown potatoes (mixed with career advice)

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Jess DeGore joins me from Philadelphia today! We both graduated from the Penn State Nutrition program, but somehow missed each other (Jess has one thought on why). She vouches for Outpatient dietitian work and gives some career advice to graduating dietetic interns (if you’re listening)! We also dive deeper into hash browns than I knew possible, before we get slightly political about environmentally-friendly food choices.

In the nutrition news: 

Jess DeGore: dietitianjess.com | @dietitian_Jess on Twitter and Instagram

1:1 Real talk about Fit Fueling

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Real talk: I’ve both under and over-fueled for a few of my marathons. Then I met Intuitive Eating. It took me a whopping seven marathons to figure out how to properly and adequately fuel myself, according to both my needs and preferences. I want to tell you about why that matters, what I’ve learned, and how I’m bringing that information to you now (with Kelly Jones, RD CSSD).

I hope this is the first of many 1:1 chats we have, even though I know you can’t reply in real time. But you can leave me a topic request on heathercaplan.com/rd-real-talk-podcast/ , or email me anytime: RDRealTalk at gmail dot com!

Intuitive Eating dietitians mentioned on this episode:

Kelly Jones Nutrition (eatreallivewell.com), co-leading the Fit Fueling: Intuitive Eating for Female Athletes course with me. It starts Monday May 15—come join us!

  • Food Psych Podcast by Christy Harrison
  • Love, Food Podcast by Julie Duffy Dillon
  • ImmaEatTHAT.com by Kylie Mitchell
  • TheRealLife-RD.com by Robyn Coale

10: I guess we need a new word for “moderation”

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Heather Pavlik brings some zest to this week’s episode! She joins us from San Francisco, where she works in the startup tech world. We met over a salad lunch near AT&T park, and bonded over running, startup things, and some eye-roll moments. I’m glad I didn’t mention how full I was after that salad.

On this episode, we cover everything from a (shared) weird experience with Paleo book authors to the reason we should all consider a visit to Alaska (below-zero temps aside).

In the nutrition news:

Go find Heather Pavlik: Twitter & Instagram @heatherpavlik | HeatherPavlik.com

RD Careers: Elizabeth (Liz) Shaw, Consultant and Fertility Warrior

Soundcloud | iTunes

Elizabeth (Liz) Shaw joins the RD Real Talk conversation to talk about Infertility awareness, her role as a consultant for food companies, and her amazing rollerblading skills. (Rollerblade community coming soon!) She launched Bumps to Baby this year to bring awareness to infertility and the real stories that happen with families who are trying to conceive. She is a networking rockstar and has great stories about how she put herself out to the world for the sake of business and personal growth.

!!Bonus!! Liz is hosting a Bumps to Baby giveaway for National Infertility Awareness Week, 4/23-29(details around 36:30). **Leave a podcast review on iTunes or comment on Soundcloud to enter the giveaway.**

Visit Liz to learn more about her work on the following sites:

shawsimpleswaps.com — bumpstobaby.com
Twitter and Instagram: @shawsimpleswaps

Episode 9: Pesticides, genetics, and a weight debate

Soundcloud | iTunes

Sarah Waybright joins me from the DC area! She’s an aspiring farmer, and may be growing the vegetables for my CSA this summer. We have some odd audio issues, but power through to bring you a chat about pesticides, nutrigenomics (or “ix”) weight loss (or not), and school nutrition.

In the nutrition news:

Sarah Waybright: Twitter, Facebook & Instagram @WhyFoodWorks

Episode 8: EDBs are a real thing

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Kylie Mitchell is in the house! We talk all things related to eating disorders this week, because that’s her specialty (and I’m learning). We answer our first listener question, which leads to a stomach-acid-jacuzzi visual. Sometimes “real” gets weird. Kylie also explains what an EDB is—be on the lookout for one (or many) around you!

In the nutrition news:

Bonus: The #realtalk moment Kylie realized she was not meant to be a veterinarian.

Kylie Mitchell: immaeatthat.com | @immaEATthat (Instagram)

RD Careers: Stephanie Saullo (Sports RD)

Soundcloud | iTunes

Introducing the RD Real Talk Mini-series: RD Careers! Stephanie Saullo is a sports dietitian in Charlotte, NC. She shares how she went from aerospace engineering to nutrition communications to sports dietetics. She has a private practice and works as a consultant, juggling a few roles to keep things interesting. The real question: How can we make her the first RD on Mars?

Episode 7: Don’t give us hard butter on soft bread

Soundcloud | iTunes

Jenn Randazzo joins the show from San Francisco this week! Our bi-coastal mid-afternoon chat felt more like a happy hour with an old friend. (Jenn and I have known each other for less than one year.) We cover everything from Nancy Drew novels to gut health to Country Crock margarine (please opt for the real stuff: butter).  

In the nutrition news:

Bonus: a list of #TryPod suggestions from both of us!

Jenn Randazzo: Twitter & Instagram @jennyeatsplants

Episode 6: We all know that burrito baby feeling, right?

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Tina Gowin Carlucci is in the studio this week! My first in-house guest for the podcast, and her first time podcasting. We talk about her baby Burrito, entrepreneur lessons, and of course, some actual nutrition topics.

In the nutrition news:

Tina Gowin Carlucci: GoWinNutrition.com | @GoWinNutrition

(Stay tuned for a Burrito special at the end.)

Episode 5: Eat fish, Leonardo says

Soundcloud | iTunes

Allison Tepper, another DC-based dietitian, joins me this week. We cover topics ranging from Whole30 to weight stigma to Leonardo DiCaprio’s latest sustainability recommendation.

In the news:

Allison: www.teppernutrition.com | Twitter: @AllisonMTepper

Episode 4: Between eggs and Bob Harper, who decides what’s “healthy”?

Soundcloud | iTunes

Kelly Jones is back! And Bob Harper has reentered our lives. It was a weird week for nutrition.

In the nutrition news:

(Bonus! A thing about cookie dough. We’re INTERESTED.)

Kelly Jones: www.kellyjonesnutrition.com | Twitter: @EatRealLiveWell

Episode 3: Yes, we eat fries too

Soundcloud | iTunes

This week I chat with Cara Harbstreet, of Street Smart Nutrition. When we first met in real life, we connected over a mutual love of Oiselle and running. In this episode, we bond over a mutual distaste for the idea that dietitians don’t eat french fries.

In the nutrition news:

Cara Harbstreet: street-smartnutrition.com | Twitter: @StreetSmartRD

Episode 2: Keeping it fresh

Soundcloud | iTunes

This week’s RD Real Talk guest is Kim Hoban, of KHNutrition.com. We met two years ago, on an almond tour in California (because sometimes RDs take trips to learn about almonds). Now, we talk almost every week, as RD friends do.

In the nutrition news:

Kim Hoban: www.kimhobanrd.com | Twitter: @KimHobanRD

Episode 1: First, let’s talk about candy scandals

Soundcloud | iTunes

Welcome to the RD Real Talk podcast! This is the first episode, so bear with us. For this round, I chat with fellow registered dietitian, Kelly Jones. Topics of real talk conversation: a recent candy scandal, how consumer purchases add up to Big Food changes, and an NPR article that completely overlooks the role of a dietitian in the supermarket.

In the nutrition news:

Kelly Jones: www.kellyjonesnutrition.com | Twitter: @EatRealLiveWell

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